Reba McEntire Talks ACM Wardrobe

Reba McEntire has opened up about her wardrobe plans for her upcoming gig hosting the ACMs. She says that it was a learning experience the last time around hosting with Blake Shelton, who took a considerably more minimal approach.

“The last time I hosted was with Blake Shelton. I don’t think he changed clothes one time and I gave him a lot of grief about that, but I’ve gotten my clothes ready. I’ve gotten six ready to go, one for the red carpet, and then for the show, and then in case something doesn’t work or malfunctions, you’ve got one, you know, ready to go again,” she told Entertainment Tonight about her preparation for her ACM hosting gig.

She adds:

“It’s very exciting, I love live television. So, to be able to know the ins and outs and who’s doing what and be there for the rehearsals … it’s just fun,” she explained.

by RTT Staff Writer

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