Rebekah Shelton fans sickened as Big Brother star is forced to deny she’s DEAD

Rebekah Shelton has quashed claims she died[Instagram]

The Big Brother star shared a video to prove she is alive and well, following claims she had died.

Insisting the story is fake news, Rebekah said her “lawyer is already working on this person who wants to spoil my happiness”.

Hundreds of people have since replied to the video, expressing their shock at the situation.

Rebekah Shelton reveals she’s not dead after Twitter hack [Rebekah Shelton/Twitter]

“Sick b*****s who did this…… hope your lawyer gets them banged up,” replied one person, while another said: “I was just reading this hope you find out what sicko is saying this!!!”

“Serious sickos out there, I’d say they can’t sink any lower but they’d probably treat that as a challenge [sic],” replied a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Some sick people around, welcome back to the world of the living love.”

Rebekah appeared on Judge Rinder last year to try and claim money back for a botched boob job [ITV]

The former Big Brother contestant posted a video on her Twitter account to confirm that she is alive and well. 

Speaking to her followers, she said: “I’d just like to ask, please stop spreading that I’m dead. I’m obviously not. 

“I’ve been through hell today because somebody got in to my account and wrote that stupid status about me. 

Rebekah’s official Twitter account appeared to confirm her death [Rebekah Shelton / Twitter]

“This person can’t accept the fact that I am happy, that I overcome all of my problems and that I’m finally leaving my life happily. 

“I’m on holiday and I’m not dead.”

A status was previously put out on her Twitter account stating the transgender star – previously known as Rodrigo Lopez – had passed away at the age of 32. 


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