Ryan Reynolds Just Put an End to the 'Hottest Hollywood Chris' Debate With Two Tweets

There are debates, and then there is the “Which Hollywood Chris is hotter?” debate — Hemsworth, Pratt, or Evans. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds finally just brought light into the dark… 

But to get to the answer, we have to first start with a question about the Kardashians (sorry).


And we can’t blame him. It’s been hard keeping up with the Kardashian/Jenner pregnancy drama in the past weeks. 

After Reynolds tweeted out the question, one fan seized the opportunity to reach out to Ryan, and get an answer to the omnipresent Chris question in exchange for an answer to his Kardashian tweet: 

What follows next will probably go down in history as the smartest, slickest, and most eye-opening ice cream analogy of all time: 


Yeah, sometimes life can be that easy! 

And, if you’re wondering where Chris Pine ends up in this conversation, Ryan has an answer for you, too:

So, we’re left with a nice Hollywood Chris sundae with one scoop of Hemsworth, Pratt, and Evans, and Pine nuts on top. Yummy! I think it’s safe to say that we need more of Ryan’s enlightenments in the future.

Source: http://www.zimbio.com/Celebrity+News/articles/gYZuoYpPQzN/Ryan+Reynolds+Just+Put+End+Hottest+Hollywood

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