Stephen Bear to ‘turn up pressure’ after Charlotte Crosby denies owing him money

Charlotte Crosby yesterday threatened legal action against ex boyfriend Stephen Bear after he accused her of owing him money.

But Bear apparently doesn’t care, and said just as much last night as he vowed to ‘increase the pressure’.

Admitting he couldn’t sleep because of the £19,000 he claims he’s owed by Charlotte, burger brand Rustlers and clothing company Good For Nothing, he told his Snapchat followers, "I’m turning up the heat on Get Bear’s Money Back.

"Today was step one in getting out there, I’ve had a few responses. I’m going to turn up the pressure tomorrow, and try and get some answers.

"The best thing to do is air it all out on social media – it’s only way to get through to you," he continued.

"I had some emails back, tomorrow should be fun…"

It comes after Bear launched into a foul-mouthed rant on Snapchat, claiming he hasn’t seen a penny from the company he owns with his ex-girlfriend , presumably since they split last year.

The exes launched clothing company His And Hers together, and advertised it constantly on social media by posing up in their matching jumpers, hoodies, and holding phone cases with ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ emblazoned on the back.

But Charlotte furiously hit back at the claims and has threatened legal action against her ex.

A representative for the star told Mirror Online: "Stephen Bear’s libellous comments today are totally false: there is no truth whatsoever in the allegation that Stephen is owed any money by Charlotte, her father or His And Hers Ltd.

"We cannot comment about the other companies that he says owe him money. This matter is now in the hands of our solicitors."

Taking to Snapchat, Bear said in a video: "Yeah, so this one’s called the Monday rant.

"I’m owed a lot of money from three different people. First one is Rustlers, where’s my £3,000 you owe me? It’s been five months.

"Second one, Good For Nothing, you owe me 16 grand, my contract isn’t finished until April, you owe me £16,000. Where is it?

"And the third one is for you Charlotte, listen, reply back to the emails. I haven’t received 1p from the business which I started with my money. Okay?

"Tell your dad to reply to the f*****g emails, do you understand? Make sure he gets back to him because what’s going on at the minute is b******s and it’s embarrassing.

"Do you understand? Because I’ve had enough now. That’s the Monday rant over, I want all my f*****g money from all three of you, do you understand?"

It’s not clear exactly what Rustlers and Good For Nothing has agreed to pay Bear for.

He’s been living it up in Bali recently, but caused a lot of controversy with his social media posts, first by playing with a captive tiger and then by casually posing with guns.

Mirror Online has contacted Bear’s representatives for comment.

We’ve also reached out to Rustlers and Good For Nothing.

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