TOWIE’s Georgia has sassy reply to troll who said she looks like Michael Jackson

TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou has blasted trolls who made cruel comments over her recent nose job.

The star had the surgery just before Christmas after years of feeling self-concious about her old nose. But she’s faced a wave of criticism from fans as a result.

Georgia shared a coment from a fan on her Twitter today that read: “Catching up with the lovely @Rylan on #cbbots ? @MissGeorgiakx has ruined herself. She was so pretty now she looks like she is going for the Michael Jackson look! She was a stunner before.”

Georgia replied: “Hey Leona, you tweeted me this at 9.20 am.. negativity that early? If trolling me helps you starts your day off .. we’ll I can’t say much more.”

She added: “Nothing more frustrating when TROLLS bully me & say " it’s just my opinion" SORRY WHAT? So you can call me what you like than? NO THATS BULLYING.”

Summing up, she told her fans: “Wednesdays lessons .. Opinion : I prefer your old nose . Trolling : you’ve ruined yourself, look like Micheal Jackson , you look like a pig.. etc.. Once you insult someone, it’s not an opinion .. it’s TROLLING Know the difference.”

Fans praised her for standing up for herself. One wrote: “Jesus…. I’ve just read her awful tweet…. Your body, your life…. I think people forget its the real deal not a dress rehearsal.. You do whatever makes you happy…. Keep smiling.”

Another added: “Let them say what they want @MissGeorgiakx as long as you’re happy why care what small minded people who have nothing better to do with their day than criticise a personal decision xx”

And one added: “I am sorry to hear you’re being trolled/bullied on social media. Don’t give oxygen to anything negative, it can’t survive unless you show you care. Stay you. Stay strong. Ignore!!”


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