The 1 Model You Should Be Following If You’re Real About Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Ever since Denise Bidot’s start as a supermodel in 2014, when she made headlines for being the first curvy woman to walk the runway at Fashion Week for regular-size brands, she’s exploded onto the scene. Denise is here to serve a purpose: to let women know “there’s no wrong way to be us,” a message she sends out to her Instagram followers on a regular basis just by sharing unedited photos of her curves and cellulite. But Denise turned her lesson into a movement in 2016, when she launched No Wrong Way, a platform you can subscribe to for a hefty dose of positive inspiration.

Even if you don’t tap into Denise’s site on a regular basis, you’ll see her in the pages of magazines or on billboards, posing with confidence. Her latest ad is for Lane Bryant’s “The New Skinny,” an introduction to a stretch jean that comes in sizes 14 to 28, is functional and comfortable, and has the perfect pocket placement to flatter your butt. We talked to Denise about what it was like to work on this campaign specifically, as well as her recent Target swimsuit ad that went viral, her buzzy Sports Illustrated placement, and raising a daughter in a world in which the conversation around weight and body type continues to be an important one.

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