You can now get a duvet cover with your best mate’s face on it… but prices start at £98

Yes in the latest edition of 'Weird Things You Can Buy on the Internet', you can purchase bespoke bedspreads with your best friend's face printed all over it.

  • Your Face Custom Duvet Cover, £98 from Shelfies – buy now

Well, it doesn't actually have to be a cheesy photo of your BBF's grin – it could be anything from a cute snap of your beloved cat or a steamy shot of your celebrity crush.

Whatever you decide, these cute and slightly creepy bedsheets are one way to make a statement in the bedroom.

Although if you want to a get a piece of the action, you may want to start saving now… prices start at £98 for a twin bedspread and go up another £50 for a king-size.

Not exactly the cheapest joke present around.

  • Fresh Face Air Fresheners, £14.99 from Fire Box – buy now

Once you've chosen your desired photo, the jokers over at the Shelfies website will send you a digital preview of your order within 24 hours so you can  sign off on the bold bedding.

And if this wasn't enough BFF-inspired merchandise, then head over to Fire Box to purchase a three-pack of their personalised air-fresheners with (you guessed it) your best friend's face on.

Scents include everything from coffee, bacon, fresh linen, and island breeze.

  • Personalised temporary tattoos, £54 from Etsy – buy now

And while we're still processing all of this, you can also purchase personalised temporary tattoos to celebrate your best gal pal's big day.

Because kitting yourself out with all this merchandise really is the surest sign of a true and everlasting friendship.

Your bestie will be so… flattered?

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