Meghan Markle's jewellery collection is now worth £1MILLION… we take a look at some of her finest pieces

It’s been a mere 14 days since Meghan Markle said "I do", but she’s already become the proud owner of £1million worth of trinkets.

This includes a £140,000 engagement ring, a £241,000 Cartier bracelet and a £450,000 tiara borrowed from the Queen for her big day.

The "Duchess of Diamonds" also received a sparkly set of £60,000 earrings as a pre-wedding gift.

Here we take a look at some of her most stunning pieces – and yes, we want all of them.

Engagement ring with Diana’s jewels – £140,000

The most magnificent piece from her collection, her engagement ring, was designed by Prince Harry himself.

The central diamond is believed to be around 3ct and was ethically sourced from Botswana – a place that holds fond memories for the couple.

The two round diamonds on either side belonged to Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

In a statement during their engagement announcement last year, Harry revealed the reason why he chose to include his mother’s diamonds was to ensure "she’s with us on this crazy journey together".

If you’re after a replica for a fraction of the price, try Argos. They sell a version called the "Meghan Sparkle" for just £14.99.

Cartier earrings – £60,000 – and swirl studs – £1,350

If you’re going to be dripping in diamonds, you may as well have the best, no?

Meghan called on Cartier to ensure she had something sparkly and flawless for her ears.

Crafted in 18ct white gold and set with around 19 round diamonds and 10 rectangular stones, her Cartier chandelier diamond earrings cost a whopping £60,000.

For the female empowerment event in London in April, Meghan chose a pair of diamond earrings from Birks, her favourite Canadian jeweller.

The far more modestly priced £1,350 swirl studs are made from 18ct white gold and are decorated with swirls of miniature diamonds.

Silver roses – £1,395

For her first official formal outing as a duchess, Meghan downplayed her look with some simple diamond studs.

These Idylle La Rose earrings, by Belgian designer Vanessa Tugendhaft, are made from rhodium silver and paved with tiny diamonds.

They are perfect when paired with a messy chignon and a soft smoky eye – Meghan’s signature look.

Infinie ring – £1,130

Symbolic jewellery seems to be Meghan and Harry’s thing.

Well, if you’re going to show off your undying love for each other, you may as well say it in diamonds.

This Infinie ring, which is a sign of everlasting love, hails from Vanessa Tugendhaft’s Promesse line collection.

She wore the ring, which is made from 18ct yellow gold and set with diamonds, in Belfast in March this year.

Cross bracelet – £520

Before getting royally hitched, Meghan had to be baptised into the Church of England.

To mark the occasion, she chose to wear a delicate diamond bracelet, which was believed to be a gift from the Royal Family.

Gold chain – £770

This minimalist piece is also crafted by Vanessa Tugendhaft, a designer Meghan seems to call on time and time again.

It features an 18ct gold chain set with solitaire diamonds, and is considered to be a day-to-night piece.

Triangle-shaped studs – £450

It is one of her cheaper pieces, but is no less brilliant.

The Duchess has worn these Zofia Day triangle-shaped studs twice: once for her Vanity Fair interview in 2017 and for a royal occasion in Cardiff.

The Californian brand is cemented in sourcing ethical stones, something which is highly important to the Duchess.

Silver and yellow gold bangle – £995

A subtle sparkle was all the Duchess needed to dress up her head-to-toe navy outfit in April at a concert to celebrate the Queen's 92nd birthday.

This silver and yellow gold bangle by British designer Shaun Leane is subtlety studded with diamonds.

Diamond Earrings – £6,950

These Snowstorm earrings by Canadian brand Birks are said to be inspired by the icy beauty of Canadian winters.

No wonder Meghan likes them so much. These 2.15ct diamond studded white gold earrings are sure to be the focal of any outfit.

They are certainly not cheap, and subsequently it's no surprise that when Meghan wears them she ensures her hair is pulled back from her face – so she can show them off.

Carier earrings – £60,000

Phew! That’s a lot for a pair of studs, and subsequently Meghan has made sure she gets cost per wear!

The 18ct white gold Galanterie de Carier earrings have been seen on the Duchess at two occasions: the Invictus Games and her wedding.

Tennis bracelet – £17,700

A gift from Prince Charming himself, Harry has once again splashed the cash for his new wife.

This time it takes the form of a £17,700 Cartier Essential Lines bracelet, made from 18ct white gold and set with 61 diamonds.

Wedding day bracelet – £241,000

All eyes were on the Givenchy dress, but look a little closer and you would have noticed this stunning Cartier bracelet.

Valued at a staggering £241,000, it’s made from 18ct white gold and set with more than 100 diamonds.

Stacking ring – £865

£865 is a lot to pay for a stacking ring, but money doesn’t seem to be an issue for the Duchess.

This yellow gold and diamond ring by her favourite Canadian jeweller Birks is one of her few everyday staples.

Pared down studs – £375

The Three Diamond Amigos as they’re named cost £375 and are imported from India.

Designed by Los Angeles jeweller Adina Reyter, the piece is made from curved yellow gold and encrusted with diamonds.

Meghan chose to wear them for the Commonwealth Day service in March, which added a touch of much-needed flair to her simple white Amanda Wakeley coat and classic beret.

The tiara on loan – £450,000

It was one of the most talked about items of the day – the tiara.

Made for Queen Mary (the Queen’s grandmother) in 1932 for her big day, the stunning design was on loan from the Queen.

It features a band of 11 intricate sections and is made up of overlaced ovals and round-cut diamonds.

This piece was last seen in 1965, when it was worn by Princess Margaret, and royal fans were delighted to see it showcased once more.

Snow sparklers for Christmas – £5,250

Meghan is a lucky girl to find this in her Christmas stocking!

Once again, the Duchess chose Birks to compliment her Christmas day attire at Sandringham Castle.

The £5,250 earrings are made from 18ct and feature two round-cut diamonds.

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