Mum left mortified after her mother-in-law discovers SEX TOY in the laundry… so what would you do?

Posting on Mumsnet, she revealed she is "dying of embarrassment" after her husband's mum discovered a SEX TOY in the laundry – and doesn't know what to do.

The woman explained her washing machine is broken, and the "kind and lovely" 68-year-old offered to help out with the laundry – before returning the clothes neatly folded in carrier bags.

She added: "I've just hung everything up now. In one of the carrier bags, on top of the pile of folded clothes, was a small, black C*** RING.

"Yes, it it ours, well, DH's (dear husband's). But I haven't seen it in years, and neither of us have a clue how it got into our laundry.

"There is no chance she doesn't know what it is. We can never go to her house or see or speak to her ever again, can we?!?"

The cringe-worthy 'dirty laundry' dilemma has had Mumsnet in hysterics – with starsandstuff wishing her "good luck with your new life abroad".

While DontDribbleOnTheCarpet wrote: "I think you have to never leave your house again.

"Or you could mercilessly mock your husband, one of the two."

While Sparklingbrook teased: "You are lucky it didn't break her washing machine."

And TaliZorahVasNormandy said: "Can you and your family apply for Mars mission? Half a planet just aint enough here."

While others shared their equally embarrassing in-law stories.

Among them was Osirus, who wrote: "My MIL (mother-in-law) found one of our used condoms in her washing machine (when DH still lived with her). Awful!"

WhileChattymummyhere shared: "This reminds me of mil helping us move house – and decided the best help would be to unpack our clothes.

"Right on the top of the suitcase was all the sex stuff outfits/toys etc – she zipped it back up and decided to help unpack the kitchen instead.

"She never mentioned what she saw even on the day."

And others told the mum to simply deny all knowledge, and hope it never gets brought up.

AppleKatie wrote: "Never mention it. If she gets drunk and mentions it next Christmas or whenever deny all knowledge.

"If it’s not acknowledged it never happened."

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