New mum asks if it's OK to give her baby the initials L.I.A.R – and people are horrified

But it isn't just the name itself that you have to worry about – as one new mum found out over on Mumsnet this week.

In a post entitled "Initials spell LIAR", the woman asked if it would be acceptable for her daughter's initials to read as "L.I.A.R".

She wrote: "If we use the middle name we want our daughter will have initials which spell 'LIAR'.

"To add to it her first name also rhymes with/sounds a bit like 'liar'.

"Would this put you off? The middle name in question has special significance for us so we want to use it if possible."

The mum explained that the "A" and "R" made up a double-barrelled surname, so there was no way of switching the "I" and "A" around.

And as the name was already fairly long, adding another middle name would be "way too much".

Unsurprisingly, the majority of responders sounded horrified.

One replied: "You can't do that to your child. Awful."

Another said: "Don't do it, they will be bullied and hate you for it (speaking from personal experience here – love my parents but would like to go back in time and knock their heads together)."

Many pointed out that the little girl may one day have to go by her initials at work, with one message reading: "In my office we are regularly referred to by our initials, often on official documents and email addresses."

The original poster seemed to be swayed by the comments, replying: "You're right, I don't want to give her a name that might make things hard for her professionally in the future."

She later added: "Thanks everyone for the replies, we've definitely decided against it."

Do you think it would've been acceptable?

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