Woman who gave birth to evil stepdad's baby aged 13 was forced to let him walk her down the aisle on wedding day after escaping years of abuse

Rebecca Fannin was preyed upon by sick Bennie Blevins, 64, from the age of seven and was molested three times a week over the next 11 years.

She fell pregnant with his son in 1994 and made to sign adoption papers to allow him to raise the child as his own with her mum Barbara Blevins, 56.

She was forced to sleep with him until she moved out of his grimy trailer in Campbellsville, Kentucky, aged 18 – when she married quickly to escape.

Now aged 38, Rebecca is speaking out after Blevins was jailed for ten years last month.

The brave mum, of Rush, Kentucky, said: "I don’t remember ever having a virginity.

"Many of my childhood memories are of a man trying to have sex with me.

“Bennie would make me play hide and seek and he would hide with me and use it as an opportunity to fondle me.

“He would abuse me whenever he could, whenever I was alone with him."

She says she was eight when he told her to go with him to a well house to get water and raped her for the first time.

Rebecca said: “I remember throwing up afterwards and he said to me, ‘You should be used to this by now’.

"And he was right, I should have been.

“There once was a show called Twilight and whenever I heard the theme to that show as the credits rolled I knew he would come for me.

“He would abuse me three times a week at his whim.

“I became pregnant when I was 13.

"At that point in your life you aren’t really aware of your cycle but when I was about five months pregnant, my brother asked me if I was. I was terrified.

“I told my mum that I was pregnant and she assumed it was my boyfriend’s baby. But I wasn’t having sex with him, I was only 13.

“I thought I would just see Bennie in his face when he was born. But when I held him he was absolutely 100 per cent mine.

“I fell absolutely in love with him.

“Bennie forced me to sign the adoption papers so he could raise him as his own with my mother.

“Even though I lived with them until I was 18, they never let me hold him, they never let me take care of him.

“Bennie always told me I would never make a good mother.”

Rebecca developed a cocaine habit when she was 15 as a way to cope with the continuing abuse.

She said her life changed when she met her husband Wes Fannin in 1998 and the pair wed just three weeks later.

But evil Bennie even managed to taint Rebecca’s wedding day, as he forced her to allow him to walk her down the aisle.

Rebecca said: “We had to keep up with expectations.

“Even though I hated him so much, as I walked down the aisle it was a relief.

“I can’t even describe it. I knew he couldn’t do anything to me anymore.

“He tried to abuse me one time after I was married and I told him I would kill him if it ever happened again.

“He took my soul for too long.”

She only opened up about the years of abuse to her husband Wes, 40, when she fell pregnant with their son James, now 18.

Rebecca later welcomed a daughter Elisa, 15, and cut off her family.

But for years she struggled to hold down a job and watched her weight climb until she reached just over 30st.

In 2015, she reported her stepdad to police and a DNA test proved the man Blevins raised as her brother was actually her biological son.

He was charged with rape in the first degree but took a plea deal and admitted a lesser charge of incest by forcible compulsion with a victim incapable of consent.

Blevins was jailed for ten years on May 18 – a sentence Rebecca, who has tried to take her life three times, slammed as "truly not enough".

Rebecca said: “I was able to tell him for the first time how he ruined my life. It was empowering. By this point, my mother had a stroke and I was taking care of her.

“I really wanted him to be charged with rape in the first degree but he took a plea deal.

“I feel like justice hasn’t been done when you think of his heinous crime.

“He stole my childhood, he raised my son. He’s robbed me of a relationship with him and I have grandchildren I never see, who I don’t know.

"To serve just ten years for what he did is truly not enough."

Rebecca said: “I’m trying my best to move on with my life. I’ve recently lost 200lbs.

“One of the main reasons I started this court case was because I wanted my kids to see me as strong.

“I wanted them to know I fight for myself and I never give up. I know they are proud of me.”

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