Sarah Jessica Parker Dishes On Robert Downey Jr & Other Exes

When you’ve been in Hollywood for decades, you collect dirt on famous people whether you want to or not, and Sarah Jessica Parker is no exception. She’s been in the game since 1980. Yes, 1980, was her first TV role. She has dated several stars who went on to become superstars, and in a recent interview for People magazine, she dished some dirt.

Aside from her famous husband of twenty years, Ferris Bueller himself, Matthew Broderick, SJP also dated Robert Downey Jr. She dated him back in his infamous days of drug use and arrest. Downey Jr has been sober since 2002, but here’s what SJP said about their rocky seven-year courtship from 1984-1991:

“There was a huge amount of time spent making sure he was OK,” she said, “At a certain point, I had the courage to say, I’m going to walk away and I’m just going to pray that you don’t die.”

Parker said that the struggles she faced with Downey Jr only made her stronger, and it was a major wake-up call into reality. She admits that she didn’t realize exactly what was going on at first. She was naive and way too trusting. She explained how he’d come into bed with his heart racing, and she assumed it was from doing too many pushups at night.

SJP also dished about her crush on Kevin Bacon. When she did the famous 1984 dance movie, Footloose, she couldn’t keep her eyes off the lead. She had claimed to have watched Diner a hundred times and was smitten by the actor.

However, she says she surprised herself, and fell in love with the supporting actor, Chris Penn. Penn, the younger brother of Sean Penn, also ended up falling into drug-related peril. He later died of heart disease at the age of 40.

So why all the fuss about SJP to begin with? Well, apparently, her new show, Divorce, has gotten steamier than ever lately. Certain scenes are so revealing that they even make the Sex in the City days look tame.

The word “divorce” is nothing new to SJP. Divorce rumors have haunted her marriage with Broderick since the beginning. A story came out a few years ago about Broderick’s alleged affair with a 25-year old woman. The couple was rocked by the scandal, and were briefly separated. After they underwent marriage counseling, they managed to avoid divorce. SJP later said the secret to a successful relationship is privacy, and to never talk about romance to the press. Maybe that’s why she took so long to dish on her past.

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