Taylor Swift Lets Fans In On Reputation Tour Secrets

Taylor Swift has opened up on what to expect on her upcoming tour.

There’s no doubt that musicians love music – that’s kind of the point. However, world tours can be grueling and take up a lot of emotional energy. That doesn’t mean that they’re not exciting, incredible productions though. Taylor Swift took to Instagram recently to share what her fans can expect out of her upcoming Reputation tour.

According to EOnline, Taylor says size matters. While she may have started out singing in the deep south at small events and open mics, but she’s no longer in the little leagues and is determined to outdo herself once and for all. “The stage is the biggest stage we’ve ever had,” she said. “It’s 110 feet tall.” That’s definitely quite the spectacle. In her Instagram story, she revealed that “Both of the b stages that are out in the audience are pretty much just as big as the main stage on the 1989 tour.”


13 days til Reputation Stadium Tour 💋

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Next, the “Love Story” singer said that fans can get a double-hit of her as there’s a gigantic video screen wall that’s seamless. There’s nothing like watching your favorite pop star while watching your favorite pop star, right? She goes on to explain that the video wall continues down to the floor so fans can get the optimum experience. “It looks so cool from the upper sections of the stadiums. When we’re walking on it, it kind of feels like an optical illusion but we’ll get used to it, I promise.”

Swift has been busy getting ready for the tour, sharing plenty of behind the scenes pictures of her rehearsing for the performances which start in 13 days. Fans can expect to hear 10 of Taylor’s classic hits while a lot from her newest record, too. The show kicks off at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Her support acts are pretty incredible too, with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX joining her for the duration. The tour will end in November this year.

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