Aaron Chalmers will fight Conor McGregor next joke Twitter users after BAMMA 33 KO of Karl Donaldson

AARON CHALMERS was being lined up for a fight against Conor McGregor after demolishing Karl Donaldson.

The Geordie Shore star delivered a cracking right hand to the jaw of his opponent for another first-round victory.


And Twitter users joked the reality TV hero should get a shot at the Notorious after impressing once more.

A viewer posted: "@AaronCGShore gonna be fighting @TheNotoriousMMA next."

Another said: "Aaron Chalmers should fight Conor McGregor."

One said: "Wow yes @AaronCGShore another great display! Surely the doubters will keep quiet now!"

A third commented: "@AaronCGShore makes it look so easy!"

A fellow user said: "Fair play to @AaronCGShore taking the talk and walking the walk."

Another wrote: "Aaron Chalmers is smashing people about for fun."

One viewer said: "@AaronCGShore showing his knockout power again with another easy first round win."

Another posted: "@AaronCGShore on way to the top! 1st class that."

However, not all were in agreement.

One said: "@AaronCGShore congratulations on beating another nobody."

And a fellow user not convinced by the fighter's abilities wrote: "If Aaron Chalmers fights someone half decent he'll get annihilated."

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