AFC Wimbledon finally get go-ahead to build new stadium at Plough Lane as Merton Council rubber stamp plans

AFC WIMBLEDON have finally been given the go-ahead to build their new stadium at Plough Lane as Merton Council rubber stamped their plans.

The Dons are hoping to have the £25million, 11,000-seater ground ready for the 2019-20 season, with contractors now assessing when building can begin.

AFC Wimbledon have been given the go-ahead to build new Plough Lane stadium

The ground will be situated just 250yards away from the old Plough Lane, where the original Wimbledon FC played.

Dons chief executive Erik Samuelson described the decision as a “momentous” moment for the club.

Samuelson said: “Everyone in football knows the story of how AFC Wimbledon came into being.

“A group of fans started with nothing; no ground, no team, no manager, no players and no kit.

AFC Wimbledon hope to open the £25m, 11,000-seater stadium in 2019

“Now, 15 years later, we have taken a giant step towards going home.

“This is a momentous day for us. Everybody who has helped the club to reach this point must be very proud.”

Samuelson claimed the club are now in a rush to have the stadium built in time for the start of the 2019-20 season.

He revealed: “Because it has taken a long time to get this sorted it is going to be incredibly tight.

“The next step is to go to the contractors and see what we can do to hurry it along and get it done for 2019. We will see.

“It is going to be tough. If we can, we will.”

Wimbledon will help raise funds for the £25m ground by selling their Kingsmeadow ground to Chelsea – who are set to use the 4,800-seater ground for academy and ladies’ matches.

AFC Wimbledon are targeting Barcelona as their first game at the new ground

Samuelson added the club are already thinking about their first-ever game at the new ground – with fellow fan-owned club Barcelona on the cards.

The Dons chief exec claimed: “We will start thinking soon about who we would like to play in our opening game and the first thing you will think of are the biggest teams in the world.

“Why not ask Barcelona? The sky is the limit. Nothing has got in our way before. We will give everything a go.”


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