Ethiopian runner Fantu Worku bizarrely 'finishes' half a lap early during race at the London Anniversary Games

The race-leader pulled up with 200m still to go during the 3,000m event at the London Stadium… much to everyone's confusion.

Worku, 19, stopped while the rest of the field charged on, with the Ethiopan looking utterly perplexed by the situation having stormed into first on the "home stretch".

She looked from side-to-side as the rest of the pack made their dash to the finish line.

The commentators were left dumbfounded too, saying: "Oh Worku's stopped! Why on Earth has she stopped?

"I think she thought that was the finish line. What a shame. The 19-year-old just absolutely stopped."

After the race, sprint legend Michael Johnson said: "That was very bizarre. I've never seen that before."

British heptathlon hero Jessica Ennis-Hill added: "It did almost just look like she thought she was pace-making.

"But obviously when she stopped she looked back and thought, 'what's happening?'"

Worku never finished the race, with Kenya's Lilian Kasait Rengeruk finishing in first.

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