Lakers lay out the LaVar Ball ground rules

Lonzo Ball is meeting with the Lakers on Wednesday as the sides move toward a partnership that will determine the future of the once-proud franchise.

The point guard phenom, though, has been overshadowed in the leadup to the Lakers meeting and the NBA Draft by his outrageous father, LaVar.

Lakers coach Luke Walton made it clear the team is not concerned with LaVar’s presence, though he told “The Jim Rome Show” that the outspoken dad would not be welcome at the workout. However, if LaVar wanted to dine with Walton and Lonzo in the evening, that would be more than fine.

“Absolutely. If he wanted to come to the dinner. I think the workout is something that we’ll keep the doors closed on, but the dinner, I think he would definitely make the dinner more entertaining,” Walton said, via USA Today. “He’s definitely welcome to join us for that one.”

The Huffington Post reported this week the Lakers were starting to have doubts about drafting Lonzo with the No. 2 pick, in part because of LaVar’s mammoth presence. Walton eased some of those doubts.

“We’re in the NBA, to me, that’s not an issue,” Walton said. “Parents are always gonna have their opinions. They’re gonna be outspoken at times. As you know, Jim, I have a very outspoken father myself. It doesn’t bother me.

“If we were to draft him, we’re gonna coach him. He’s gonna be part of our team. He’s gonna be part of our family. And we’ll go from there. This is the NBA. We’ll keep the team where it needs to be. We’ll not let outside things like that influence us on whether or not we pick the kid.”


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