“It won’t defeat us’: Merkel condemns Barcelona terror attack

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expressing her sympathy with Spain over the attacks in Barcelona, and says such violence cannot be allowed to change the European way of life. Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Merkel said Friday that “these murderous attacks have once again showed us the total hatred of humanity

Merkel says Brexit, Macron’s election changed her view of Europe

ZINGST, Germany – German Chancellor Angela Merkel told voters on Saturday that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union and France’s election of President Emmanuel Macron had changed her view on the bloc, adding it was worth fighting for a stronger Europe. Merkel’s comments, made in a speech in the Baltic

Trump: Ivanka sitting in for me at G20 was a “very standard’ move

President Trump on Monday defended having his daughter fill his seat at a G20 summit over the weekend, calling the move “very standard” — and saying Hillary Clinton’s family would’ve never faced backlash for the same move. “When I left Conference Room for short meetings with Japan and other countries, I

Merkel calls US withdrawal from Paris deal “regrettable’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says 19 members of the Group of 20 have reaffirmed the Paris climate accord as “irreversible.” Merkel said Saturday that the summit’s final statement “takes account” of the U.S. position rejecting the climate deal. That leaves the United States as the odd one out after President Donald Trump

Germany troubled by “peculiar’ new US sanctions on Russia

BERLIN  – German Chancellor Angela Merkel is concerned that proposed new U.S. sanctions against Russia could lead to fines against European companies, a government spokesman said on Friday, labeling the U.S. move “strange” and “peculiar”. U.S. senators on Wednesday approved sanctions against Russia over alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election,