Lab-grown meat: It’s about to be what’s for dinner

Familiar cuts of beef, pork and poultry turned out by San Francisco Bay Area-based Memphis Meats and its handful of competitors are 100 percent meat in taste and texture. The sizzle from the grill is there, too. But these steaks, chops and chicken strips are entirely grown from animal cells

Girl, 12, eaten alive by stray dogs on way home from school

A girl was “torn to pieces” by a pack of hungry stray dogs that attacked her as she walked home from school. Liza Kanareikina, 12, was found mauled and dismembered in blood-strained snow near Donetsk in rebel-held eastern Ukraine. The young girl was ambushed by the savage animals

Dog named after slain NYPD cop guards memorial service

As hundreds of people filed into St. Patrick’s Cathedral Wednesday morning for a mass in memory of a cop killed 30 years ago, a German shepherd sat quietly outside the church’s doors. Most people probably didn’t notice the pooch, but he’s special. He’s a vapor wake dog, a class

Adorable dog saved from chilly Long Island pond

Lucky dog! An adorable old pooch was saved from a chilly pond on Long Island on Tuesday — thanks to some quick-thinking cops. The 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Ralphie, got trapped in the man-made pond in the backyard of his home in West Babylon, Suffolk Police said in a statement. Officers Peter

Oldest polar bear in US captivity dies

The oldest captive polar bear in the US has gone to that giant iceberg in the sky. Philadelphia Zoo officials announced Tuesday that 37-year-old Coldilocks had to be euthanized after her health took a nosedive. The beloved bear showed worsening changes in her behavior and appetite amid a variety of

Incredible number of flea infested dogs found in cages in house

Television viewers will see shocking footage of a household which was over run with dozen of dogs kept in filthy cages by their owner. The animals were found by the RSPCA, which took more than 30 of the 40 animals into care. Inspectors found dog excrement all over the property

Man’s unusual choice of guide animal because he has a phobia of dogs

The UK’s first guide horse made his shopping run debut yesterday. American miniature Digby led Mohammed Salim Patel through the streets and down aisles. The journalist, 23, has degenerative eye condition retinitis pigmentosa – and a phobia of dogs that rules out a guide dog . He said: “Being led by

The Tories have paved the way for a major u-turn on the badger cull

The Tories yesterday paved the way for a major U-turn on the badger cull. Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced a new review into methods of tackling Bovine TB. The consultation could bring an early end to the cull which has seen thousands of the animals slaughtered since it was introduced

Meet the talkative cat that can say "hello" to humans

An animal sanctuary has shared a brilliant video of a cat who says "hello". The 16-year-old feline, named Ruby, was filmed chatting to one of the staff members, Manchester Evening News reports. The clip shows the moggy's meow sounding a lot like the world "hello" and the volunteers at Bleakholt