Here's How to Fully Turn Off Your Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS 11

With the introduction of every new software update, Apple usually manages to sneak in some much-needed features. However, the new customizable Control Center on iOS 11 is responsible for some serious headaches. As people have quickly discovered, when you switch off WiFi and Bluetooth on Control Center, it

High-tech sex toy maker admits to secretly recording users

Sex toy fans who purchased a vibrator were horrified to discover their intimate sessions were secretly recorded on an app that comes with the toy. Lovense, the Hong Kong company behind the vibrator, reported a “minor software bug” after users discovered its remote-controlled vibrator app recorded sound files and

20 smart home products you can control from your phone

What makes a smart home product? Generally, they’re defined by their ability to connect wirelessly, allowing users to interact with them from their smartphones. We’ve rounded up 20 cool, diverse offerings — from TVs, air conditioners, smoke alarms, and more.   1. Amazon Echo Show Amazon’s Echo Show is an Alexa-powered speaker with

Fidget spinners are actually exploding now

We all know that in this day and age, we really can’t have nice things. Hoverboards, Galaxy Note 7s, and BMWs are all going up in flames, and you can now add fidget spinners — not things that should have batteries in the first place! — to that list. News stations