David Wright gets another devastating health update

PORT ST. LUCIE — David Wright’s already slim chances of resuming his baseball career have been sliced even thinner.The Mets captain won’t begin baseball activities for at least eight weeks, the team announced Tuesday in an injury report. Wright, who is recovering from multiple surgeries, was re-examined by Dr. Robert

David Wright’s body cost him a lot more than games

PORT ST. LUCIE — So here is the game. Identify these three:Player A — .316/.370/.503, 141 OPS-plus, 150 homers/797 RBIs.Player B — .301/.382/.506, 137 OPS-plus, 222 homers/876 RBIs.Player C — .284/.375/.515, 129 OPS-plus, 231 homers/859 RBIs.Your clues? Over the past two days I had learned Scott Rolen is Jay Bruce’s

David Wright is here, with the writing on the wall

PORT ST. LUCIE — David Wright checked into work Tuesday morning for a job he hasn’t had for a long, long time. Once again, as he has done his entire career, Wright punched the time clock. With the Mets agreeing to a two-year deal with third baseman Todd Frazier

The roadmap to when David Wright and the Mets likely part ways

What if I were to tell you that the future of David Wright could be determined by Josh Smoker’s success as a Pittsburgh Pirate? Apologies. That’s a tad apocryphal. But a correlation does exist there. Most important, it helps construct a roadmap for what to expect as Wright and

Chipper Jones wishes David Wright could be standing next to him

Chipper Jones is one of the newest members of the Hall of Fame, and believes David Wright might have joined him there if his career hadn’t been sidetracked by injuries. “It’s unfortunate,” Jones, the former Braves third baseman, said Thursday following a press conference with the four newly elected

Michael Conforto won’t return to Mets until at least May

Michael Conforto can plan on starting the season on the disabled list. As the Mets outfielder rehabs from surgery to repair the torn posterior capsule in his left shoulder, general manager Sandy Alderson is expecting the club will be without Conforto for at least the entire first month of

Mets considering giving Jacob deGrom a contract extension

ORLANDO, Fla. — Jacob deGrom remains a long-term priority for the Mets, but discussions are yet to commence on a contract that would buy out the ace right-hander’s remaining arbitration years. A club source indicated Tuesday that general manager Sandy Alderson may still engage deGrom’s camp in negotiations at

Spurned Mets manager candidate will interview with rivals

Kevin Long isn’t necessarily finished with the Mets, but he is exploring other options. An industry source confirmed Monday that Long, who was among the Mets’ managerial candidates — the position that went to Mickey Callaway — has been given permission to speak with the Nationals about their open manager position. If

David Wright has back surgery with quick comeback in mind

David Wright’s path to a Mets return is an obstacle course that now includes additional navigation. The Mets captain underwent laminotomy surgery Thursday to decompress his lower back, the team announced. The surgery alone is not likely career ending, but Wright faces other significant issues. Wright also underwent surgery last month for

We haven’t seen David Wright this happy in a really long time

A big smile was on David Wright’s face as he stood by the bat rack in the Mets dugout Sunday, catching baseballs thrown by fans who wanted his autograph. After signing, he tossed the balls back into the stands — using his left hand. No matter what happens in the future,

What has happened since this Mets joy?

Twenty-three months ago, although it feels like 23 lifetimes, Jeurys Familia fired a 98-mph, bottom-of-the-ninth fastball to catcher Travis d’Arnaud that the Cubs’ Dexter Fowler took for strike three at Wrigley Field. The strikeout completed the Mets’ sweep of the 2015 NLCS and sent them to the World Series. The Cubs,

David Wright is certain about what he’ll be doing next season

David Wright is unclear about the specifics, but in his mind this much is certain: His baseball career is ongoing. Two days after undergoing surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, the Mets captain was at Citi Field to see his teammates — some of whom he

“Tough to watch’ as it only gets worse for David Wright

David Wright’s comeback attempts are facing yet another major hurdle, as the Mets captain prepares for a second significant surgery in 15 months. The third baseman has a torn right rotator cuff, the Mets announced Monday, and will undergo surgery to repair the shoulder on Tuesday in New York. The prognosis

David Wright and Mets deserved much better than this

It doesn’t matter how inevitable the announcement may have been. It still stings. It still stinks. It still adds one more layer between whatever would constitute a happy ending for David Wright, and the ending that seems more and more likely for him as a baseball player. This was the cold,

David Wright shuts down rehab; Yoenis Cespedes out for season

CINCINNATI — Yoenis Cespedes’ season is over and David Wright’s appears headed in that direction, according to medical updates provided by the Mets on Monday. Also, Michael Conforto was examined by team doctors and will receive a second opinion on his left shoulder, which sustained a dislocation and tear in the

David Wright is playing in a baseball game again

At long last, the captain has begun his comeback. David Wright will begin a rehab assignment Tuesday with Class-A St. Lucie in Port Charlotte, serving as the designated hitter and playing in a game for the first time since May 27 of last year. The Mets third baseman has been sidelined since

Finding a Mets third baseman, from status quo to flipping Matz

Sandy Alderson publicly acknowledged the obvious this week — that you cannot assemble a contender with hope and heart. David Wright failed to conquer his spinal stenosis enough to play regularly as a productive third baseman in 2017, and Alderson stated the Mets would not wait around for a baseball miracle

Alderson: David Wright’s career at third base could be over

The Mets bet on David Wright for 2017 and lost, but likely won’t take the same gamble next season. With the Mets captain still trying to get into the baseball shape necessary to play this season, general manager Sandy Alderson on Wednesday acknowledged the organization may have to consider Wright as

David Wright cleared to practice

DENVER — David Wright is giving 2017 one last shot. The Mets captain, who has been sidelined since spring training with a right shoulder impingement that has prevented him from throwing, reported to Port St. Lucie earlier this week to begin low-level baseball activity, according to assistant general manager John Ricco. “It’s

The misleading and perfect debuts of Mets phenoms

At long last, Amed Rosario will make his highly anticipated major league debut Tuesday night in Colorado for the Mets. The highly rated shortstop, considered one of the sport’s premier prospects, goes by the self-made mantra, “Don’t be surprised, be ready.” Below is a look at how some of the most

Why baseball purists will always be wrong

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” — Marcel Proust David Wright avoids cliché and groupthink. He listens to a question and provides an answer, and the question I asked in spring was essentially this: If you were the czar of baseball and could change anything

Mets’ strategy is clear: It’s time to rebuild for 2018 and beyond

ST. LOUIS — OTM. Only the Mets. The Mets should wear those initials on their sleeve: OTM. With each new day comes a new sad adventure for Terry Collins’ team. The Mets haven’t won a World Series since ’86. They haven’t made it to the postseason three straight years even in this

What next year’s Mets may look like — and it’s unrecognizable

ST. LOUIS — The Mets have roughly $150 million in payroll, more than half of which can be shed with expiring contracts this offseason. Overall, the team’s expiring deals total $76.95 million, factoring in club options, but that hardly guarantees ownership will approve reallocating that sum for a payroll that reaches

David Wright hoping his comeback is around the corner

MIAMI — David Wright is still hopeful of resuming baseball activities around July 1, but needs to receive medical clearance before that can happen. The Mets’ captain has been on the disabled list since spring training with an impingement in his right shoulder that has kept him from throwing. Wright, who

How Mets legends bonded with the guy who cut the grass

Pete Flynn, who died last week, worked as a Mets groundskeeper for nearly 50 years, from the franchise’s inception in 1962 until 2011, the first year of the Sandy Alderson/Terry Collins era. He was a legend inside the organization and in the baseball industry. So it makes sense that Flynn connected

How will next 5 years treat these borderline baseball legacies?

The month of May has come and gone, and seemingly taken with it two excellent careers. Ryan Howard hit .184 at Triple-A for the Braves and was released on May 8. A week later, Atlanta star first baseman Freddie Freeman was lost for a few months when he fractured his thumb.

How will next 5 years treat these borderline baseball legacies?

The month of May has come and gone, and seemingly taken with it two excellent careers. Ryan Howard hit .184 at Triple-A for the Braves and was released on May 8. A week later, Atlanta star first baseman Freddie Freeman was lost for a few months when he fractured his thumb.

How we’ll remember a gem who meant so much to so many Mets

In the small borough of Little Ferry, NJ, at a municipal event Friday to formally open a new baseball/softball field, the few hundred people on site surely could all agree on two points: 1. The field is absolutely gorgeous. 2. The person whose name is on the field would have wanted no