Texas oil tycoon Pickens closing energy hedge fund

Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is throwing in the towel on his energy focused hedge fund after a 22-year-long “roller coaster ride.” “It’s no secret the past year has not been good to me, from a health perspective or a financial one,” Pickens wrote in a Linkedin post Friday,

Invisible solar panels could eventually power your home

Solar energy has the potential to totally destroy our reliance on fossil fuels, so why aren’t we all running on power from the sun? Solar panels aren’t as bulky and obnoxious as they once were, but they’re still not exactly small. You can stick some on a roof without issue,

Shopkeeper slammed for banning kids from buying energy drinks

A SHOPKEEPER has faced the wrath of fuming schoolkids after he banned the sale of energy drinks to under-18s. Rajendra Parekh, who runs Station Newsagents in Staplehurst, believes the caffeine-filled drinks are "one of the worst things ever to have happened to this country in this century", because of

Evaporating water could power up to 70 percent of the US

A potential new source of renewable energy has been pulled out of thin air – literally. Evaporating water could provide the US with 70 percent of its electricity, according to new research. “We have the technology to harness energy from wind, water and the sun, but evaporation is just as powerful,” Ozgur

Solar power companies are not excited for the solar eclipse

The internet is exploding with anticipation for the solar eclipse on August 21. Traffic jams have backed up the entire state of Oregon, Harbor Freight is out of welding masks and vets are issuing guidance for how dogs should deal with the eclipse. But while everyone is running around in a

Buffett is a two-time loser in Texas energy bid

The losses are piling up for Warren Buffett, and the latest is the size of Texas. Bankrupt Dallas utility Energy Future Holdings on Monday withdrew its support for a meticulously prepared, $9 billion buyout bid from Buffett — favoring instead a last-minute, $9.45 billion offer from San Diego, Calif.-based natural gas

Warren Buffett loses bidding war for Texas utility

Warren Buffett just got an unpleasant jolt — losing a multibillion bid to scoop up a bankrupt Texas energy giant. In a surprise turn of events, the folksy billionaire’s $9 billion bid for Dallas-based utility Oncor was trumped by a $9.45 billion offer from Sempra Energy, a San Diego, Calif.-based natural

Jana Partners tries blocking pricey energy company merger

Jana Partners is trying to block an expensive merger between two energy companies. The Barry Rosenstein-led activist hedge fund announced a 5.8 percent stake in Pittsburgh-based EQT Corporation on Monday, and is pushing the company to abandon its announced $6.7 billion acquisition of Rice Energy. The hedge fund is hoping to get