Sorry: Facebook was never ‘free’

You’ve likely spent a thousand hours or more on Facebook over the past decade. Did you think that the energy-sucking servers holding your photos and hosting the groups dedicated to your high-school class and your neighborhood ran on good wishes?Did you think the company that has allowed you to consume

Vile trolls target grieving parents of girl who died when car rolled into river

Heartless internet trolls have sent cruel abuse to the grieving parents of a two-year-old girl who died after her mother's car plunged into a freezing river. Police have warned that people posting malicious comments about Kiara Moore's tragic death may face action. Vile comments speculating over the circumstances and criticising Jethro (Jet)

Facebook backtracks to remove posts allegedly revealing Jon Venables' ID

Venables and Robert Thompson, both 35, were granted lifelong anonymity after their release in 2001 for the murder of James Bulger, two. Some posts were shared tens of thousands of times, sparking fears Venables may get another identity, costing taxpayers around £1million. Facebook claimed they did not violate its “community standards”

NBC News’ Andy Lack is not a fan of Facebook

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack isn’t a big fan of Facebook.At lunch with journalists at NBC last week, Lack pooh-poohed the platform for NBC Digital and other publishers in general.“Facebook doesn’t have any value to publishers really — that’s the dirty little [secret],” Lack told The Post. “They take all

17 Trends Facebook Thinks Will Go Mainstream in 2018

As we prepare to say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2017, it's hard not to get introspective about the year that was. Be it the heady highs of the Women's March to the lowest lows of widespread natural disasters, a lot happened this year that will inform just how it

WWE legend Marty Jannetty is afraid he’ll be remembered as ‘the guy who wants to f**k his daughter’ after hackers posted sick message on his Facebook page – and says he wants to put culprits in 'sleeper hold for a long time'

In his first interview since the post went viral, Marty revealed how his daughter Bianca became reclusive, while he was bombarded with abusive messages from people who thought the post was true. Former WWE star Marty, who used to be tag team partners with Shawn Michaels, revealed he is angry that despite the

Facebook bans Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica

Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data-analysis firm that worked for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, over allegations that it held onto improperly obtained user data after telling Facebook it had deleted the information.The social network issued a blog post explaining its decision, although the tale is convoluted. Years ago, Facebook

Maybe it’s time for everyone to give up on social media

Are you sick of social media? It’s not just you.Once upon a time, social media had so much promise. Reconnect with your best friend from Kindergarten! Crowdsource which refrigerator to buy! Find like-minded people with your esoteric hobbies! And for those of us who work from home it gave us

How Facebook Is Empowering Women to Take Action

When social media is used as a tool to do good, the effects can be powerful — sometimes even life-changing. Never has that been more clear to me than as I sat beside Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and an impressive group of women who are using the platform in unique and