Emmerdale legend comes back from dead for Christmas cameo

Emmerdale: Robert Sugden woke up in a dream sequence from the accident [ITV] On the episode of Emmerdale, which had been described as 'Groundhog Day meets A Christmas Carol', Robert Sugden took centre stage. After being hit by Lawrence White's speeding car by accident when he was drunk – and left unconscious,

Cheryl ‘haunted by a ghost named Alan’

Cheryl refused to sleep in her own bed after being haunted [ITV] Liam Payne revealed that his girlfriend freaked out after a stranger approached her mum Joan and told her the property was haunted. Speaking about the incident, which took place in their LA home, the One Direction singer told The Sun:

Emmerdale: Major character RETURNS in new Emma Barton twist

Emmerdale: Emma Barton contemplates taking her own life [ITV] On Thursday's episode of Emmerdale, the award-winning ITV soap's dramatic Autumn stunt week slowly came to a climax as Finn Barton tragically passed away and Emma Barton took herself up to a bridge where she dangerously walked close to the edge while holding her arms out. However, it looks

Emmerdale: Gabby Thomas to rumble Emma Barton’s secret?

As Gabby Thomas returns to Emmerdale from her time away abroad, she's left furious after she realises what manipulative Emma Barton has been up to while she was away. Wanting to protect her family from any more of Emma's scheming tricks, she vows to protect both Arthur and Lauren Thomas by haunting

CBB fans terrified as Sandi Bogle gets ‘POSSESSED’

During the episode of Celebrity Big Brother, the housemates were divided into two bedrooms for a spiritual tour of the unknown with medium Derek Acorah. As the former Most Haunted star channelled spirits, such as Malcolm, he got more than he bargained for when Sandi Bogle got 'POSSESSED' by his grandma in chilling scenes. Derek was addressing the

Celebrity Big Brother: Derek Acorah claims house is haunted

Derek Acorah revealed on his entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother house that he would be bringing a special guest with him – his spirit guide Sam. Talking in his video clip before making his big debut, the 'spiritual medium' admitted: "I feel like there could be a presence in the house, if