Glossier Just Dropped Its First-Ever Solution To Acne-Prone Skin

The glossy-faced, dewy-skinned experts at Glossier just dropped a new addition to the skincare-as-makeup retailer’s collection that’s perfect for blemish-prone faces. Aptly named “Solution,” this exfoliating skin perfector is Glossier’s answer to breakouts. Though it is the brand’s “most powerful formula yet,” it’s still surprisingly gentle for an exfoliator, using a light blend

10 High-Waist Leggings That Will Stay Up During Your Next Workout

We can all agree there’s nothing more annoying than constantly interrupting your workout to pull up your pants. An avid runner myself, I’ve been on the search for leggings that will stay up on my most intense runs or during HIIT workouts. That’s why I made it my personal mission to

11 Things We’re Obsessed With This Week, Besides Warmer Weather

It’s been a while since our last favorite finds roundup, when we were in the thick of Black Friday and holiday shopping. Now that the gifts are given, our resolutions have been made, and we’re thinking what to get our boo for Valentine’s Day, it’s back to our regularly-scheduled programming

People Are Pissed About One Of Emily Ratajkowski’s Latest Instagram Posts

Emily Ratajkowski announced that she is the new ambassador for the hair care brand Kérastase on Tuesday, but it was her controversial social media post about her new role that seemed to get the most attention online. Some fans are looking for an apology after the model and actress wrote on Instagram and Twitter, “Hair is a

7 Of The Best Plus Size Sports Bras, According To Amazon Reviewers

Curvy ladies know just how challenging it is to find cute bras and bralettes for big boobs. But, finding sports bras that don’t look like something from your grandma’s lingerie drawer? Well, that’s a challenge in and of itself. Because we believe you shouldn’t need to wear two bras for a

9 Of The Best Cleansing Oils For Glowing Skin

When I had first heard of the oil cleansing method, my eyes rolled just thinking about removing dirt or makeup off my oily skin with another oil-based product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to shy away from trying any new skincare trend, whether that be jade rollers, derma-rolling, squalane,

These 14 Purchases Also Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means charities and organizations are looking to increase awareness of the disease, as well as raise funds for research, cause and treatment. If you’re looking for ways to get involved and give back during Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s look no further than the

Claire Foy Recalls Painful Breastfeeding Moment In Candid Interview

Returning to work after having a baby comes with many challenges. This is especially true if you’re a breastfeeding mother. Claire Foy opened up about her experience in an interview with British Vogue. The “Crown” actress has a 2-year-old daughter with her husband Stephen Campbell Moore.  During the interview, she recalled

These Are The No-Fail Beauty Gifts Our Editors Swore By This Year

As beauty editors at HuffPost, we try a lot of products. Whether it’s a new moisturizer, a skin-fixing serum or even edible collagen, we do our best to stay on top of the trends while figuring out what’s worth the investment. Editors Kristen, Janie and Julia (that’s me) have rounded up the products

The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin Is Only $11 On Amazon

“Game Of Thrones” might be wrapped for now, but some of our worst seasonal enemies have yet to arrive. Winter is coming, and though we won’t be challenging any White Walkers (we’ve got to wait another year and a half for that), we’ve got our own winter battles to fight. I’m

Pink Pumps Breast Milk In Hilarious #PumpUpTheJams Selfie

Pink is back with a new single ― and a new breastfeeding photo.  On Wednesday, the singer posted a mirror selfie on Instagram that shows her pumping breast milk while in the U.K. for a few performances.   “And now this,” she wrote in the caption, along with the hashtags #pumpupthejams

Don’t Freak Out If You’re Shedding More Hair Than Usual Right Now

The struggle with shedding hair is real, whether it’s clogging our drains, sitting in our hairbrushes or strewn around our homes. Shedding between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day is normal, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. But there’s no reason to panic if you’ve recently noticed a lot

The One Thing You’ve Probably Never Noticed About Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge gets to wear pretty things all the time ― an engagement ring from the late Princess Diana, gorgeous designer dresses and, of course, the literal crown jewels. But there’s one thing you won’t see Kate Middleton wearing while she’s out and about attending royal engagements: bright nail polish on

11 Gifts For Men That Aren’t Socks Or Shave Club Subscriptions

Why the heck are men so hard to shop for? It’s a constant guessing game. Should his gift be useful? Techie? Fashionable? And then, the paradox of choice kicks in, and you return to your ol’ faithfuls ― a reliable gift like socks, or something fun and easy like a Dollar Shave Club

Jimmy Kimmel Shares Adorable Health Update After Son’s Heart Surgery

Nearly three months ago, Jimmy Kimmel broke down in tears during a powerful monologue on his late-night show about his newborn son’s recent open heart surgery. His candor drew much-needed attention to the importance of providing all Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions like his son, with adequate health care. On Friday, Kimmel took

Harry Styles Admits To Chelsea Handler That, Yes, He Has Four Nipples

This is four real. Chelsea Handler recently interviewed Harry Styles for her Netflix show, “Chelsea,” in which the former boy band member confirmed a longtime rumor: yeah, he does indeed have four nipples. During the interview, Handler asked Styles to answer her questions with one-word replies. After asking Styles about

8 Beauty Tricks We Learned From The French

Wine, cheese, croissants and couture… there’s no denying that the French do many things right. And while we can’t quite figure out how they eat and drink the way they do without gaining weight (we’re told it’s “moderation”), we have cracked the code on their beauty secrets. Related: 14

Watch Out, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Is Becoming A Magazine

Oh Goop, where do we begin? The purveyor of vaginal eggs, leaf-scented perfume and $275 shower heads has left our brains spinning from fact-checking its dubious medical claims. And now, all that Goopiness is spreading to a newsstand near you.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site inked a deal with Conde Nast that includes quarterly

Here’s What Podiatrists Really Think About Your Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are popular, polarizing and really poor for your health. The summery slip-ons seem ideal to throw on in a rush or to show off a pedicure. But their thin, unstructured soles offer no support, and can lead to injuries, namely “sprains, tendonitis, fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes or stress

This Simple Hack Will Make Your Beauty Products Last Way Longer

Proper skincare is worth the investment, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to fork over your hard-earned cash.  It does mean this little hack is genius, because it helps make those beloved products last longer. Reddit user -callievee- recently uploaded a photo of an eye cream to the site’s Makeup Addict page.

The 15 Best Pairs Of Women’s Sandals For Walking All Day

Soaring summer temperatures are upon us, which means it’s officially time to trade in flats and sneakers for breathable sandals.  But finding a comfortable sandal that will last all summer and leave you blister free after walking all day is hard work. Luckily, we’ve found 15 pairs of cute

Goop Deletes Yet Another Strange Health Claim After Getting Fact-Checked By NASA

At this point, we’re not surprised when Goop’s health and wellness claims turn out to be shady. But this latest case is out-of-this-world strange.  Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site pulled a claim about “energy-balancing” body stickers after Gizmodo spoke with a NASA expert who pointed out the claim was untrue. Goop initially

The Best 5-Minute Beauty Routines, According To The Experts

Your time is precious, isn’t it? All of us want to look and feel good, but really, how many minutes do you want to spend plucking, primping, powdering, shaving, curling and straightening before you get out the door? We have jobs to get to, friends and family to