Jennifer Garner sends Girl Scout cookies to followers

Jennifer Garner is probably the Girl Scouts’ most famous troop leader, and she clearly takes the job seriously. The actress recently shared a peek into the life of a troop leader on Instagram with a photo of herself standing outside a grocery store, holding a “cookie sale” sign. Later,

Jennifer Garner, Devoted Mom, Sells Girl Scout Cookies Outside the Grocery Store For Her Kids Since joining Instagram last year, the typically private Jennifer Garner has begun sharing her lifewith fans on social media in pretty hilarious new ways. In addition to posting a video of her sobbing about Hamilton post-dental surgery and a recent throwback photo that will make you do a

Jennifer Garner Is Returning To TV In Lena Dunham HBO Comedy

The Jennifer Garner renaissance is upon us.  With her high-octane action film “Peppermint” in the pipeline, as well as the coming of age film “Love Simon” out next month, the actress is slowly, yet surely returning to the spotlight after years of only sporadically appearing in projects. Garner is now set to

Question: Who Does Jennifer Garner Look Like With a Beard? In honor of the new year, Jennifer Garner shared a head-scratching throwback photo to Instagram of herself . . . with a beard. The actress — who, we must say, looks pretty great with facial hair — captioned the snap, "New Year, New Me" and explained through hashtags

We’re Still Waiting For Jennifer Garner The Movie Star

The role of wife and mother is something Jennifer Garner knows well. It’s one she’s played in her last seven consecutive films, an identity that’s boosted her cultural relevance over the past decade, as her on-screen career has taken a back seat to raising a family ... and, err, Ben Affleck.  Films