Use Brexit billions to make like Donald Trump and slash tax, Phil

It comes as Britain is forecast to see the first sustained fall in debt for a generation. On this page today, he rightly focuses on important issues, such as tackling plastic pollution. But there is something missing that really does interest hard-working people — putting more money in their pockets. A report today

We need a special deal with the EU — we're NOT like other countries

And it’s the same upbeat approach we’ve taken throughout our negotiations with the EU, and one I’ve articulated to leaders right across Europe. Because now is not the time to “do down” Britain. We’re making good on that referendum result — the biggest democratic exercise this country has ever seen — and

10 things we learned from Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit speech

Jeremy Corbyn set out the Labour party's priorities for Brexit today, insisting leaving the EU "doesn't have to be a disaster." The Labour leader's speech in Coventry cleared the way for cooperation with Tory rebels who want to keep the UK in a customs union. The Labour leader set out