Clue: Synthetic brain terminating niche industry (2)

Robots will put the last remaining crossword compilers out of work within 15 years, an expert warns. There are less than 100 professional crossword makers left in the UK but their days are numbered because of breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), the industry fears. Computers that can 'think' like real

Creepy snake-inspired robot uses artificial scales to slither

If you’re not a fan of snakes, then this serpent-inspired robot may make your skin crawl. Researchers from Harvard University have designed a soft robot that can slither without any rigid components. The robot has scales made using kirigami - an ancient Japanese paper craft that

These mechanical “cockroaches’ could be the future of robotics

A cockroach might be the key to a scientific breakthrough in robot technology. Researchers at UC Berkeley developed a small-sized robot based on the unique movements and capabilities of the insect, specifically to better “understand how animals can rapidly transition from running on level ground to climbing up vertical

This life-like robotic dog is both creepy and cool

The latest robot update by Boston Dynamics — a company known for its unnerving SpotMini robots — can now open doors, as shown in the company’s latest YouTube video. The video, titled “Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?” shows a signature yellow dog-like creation from Boston Dynamics

Robots in Japan are now making coffee

TOKYO — Japan has a new cafe where customers can enjoy coffee brewed and served by a robot barista. The robot named Sawyer debuted this week at Henna Cafe in Tokyo’s downtown business and shopping district of Shibuya. The shop’s name in Japanese means “strange cafe.” The single-armed robot scans

Robots could climb into old mines to prevent toxic spills

DENVER — Crumbling mine tunnels awash with polluted waters perforate the Colorado mountains and scientists may one day send robots creeping through the pitch-black passages to study the mysterious currents that sometimes burst to the surface with devastating effects. One such disaster happened at the inactive Gold King Mine

The Case For Letting Robots Clean Your Home

I've always believed in the restorative power of cleaning your home. Since entering adulthood, I've set aside one Saturday or Sunday each week for a full, top-to-bottom scrubdown – a ritual which not only ensures an outlet to blow off steam, but also enables me to kick off

AI systems are beating humans in reading comprehension

PROVIDENCE, RI — Seven years ago, a computer beat two human quizmasters on a “Jeopardy” challenge. Ever since, the tech industry has been training its machines to make them even better at amassing knowledge and answering questions. And it’s worked, at least up to a point. Just don’t expect

This exoskeleton could save disabled kids from life in wheelchairs

It was a bleak medical diagnosis for his young nephew that put the idea in Manmeet Maggu’s head to launch a startup focused on robotic exoskeletons for children. A few years ago, Maggu and Trexo Robotics co-founder Rahul Udasi were still undergraduates at the University of Waterloo. That’s when

NHS 111 helpline could be answered by robots within two years

NHS 111 helpline calls could be answered by robots within two years, it's reported. A leaked report says smartphones could become "the primary method for accessing health services" with almost 16 million inquiries handled by algorithms in 2020. The draft document, dated last month, says that a quarter of all

Facebook’s head of AI SLAMS humanoid robot Sophia

She’s one of the most realistic humanoid robots , but it seems not everyone is impressed with Sophia. Yann LeCun, head of AI research and Facebook , has slammed the robot in a new statement, in which he calls Sophia a ‘puppet.’ The spat between

Lifelike robots are being designed to win human trust

HONG KONG — David Hanson envisions a future in which AI-powered robots evolve to become “super-intelligent genius machines” that might help solve some of mankind’s most challenging problems. If only it were as simple as that. The Texas-born former sculptor at Walt Disney Imagineering and his Hong Kong-based startup Hanson

This smart toilet is the best reason to stay in the bathroom

LAS VEGAS — Tech is invading the bathroom. see also Answering the call of Mother Nature is getting an upgrade, according to a high-tech toilet unveiled here at CES 2018, but it’s going to cost you plenty. Japan-based Toto debuted its Neorest NX2, an $11,000 tech marvel that will open automatically

Robotic implant stretches your organs to help them heal

If you have science fiction nightmares of a robot apocalypse you should probably just stop reading right now. For those of you still here, I have good(?) news! Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital have invented a robot that can be implanted into the body where it pulls on

New suitcase will follow you around the airport

Luggage need not be lugged, at least not if you own a revolutionary new smart suitcase that drives itself around. The ForwardX Robotics CX-1 is a zany hold-all on wheels that follows you around autonomously using smart sensors. Designed by a Chinese robotics start-up, the CX-1 smart suitcases uses a

Male sex dolls with bionic penises will be here before 2019

Sex doll firm Realbotix has revealed that a new male robot with a “bionic penis” will land later this year. The X-rated companions will be targeted at a new female audience and will each be fitted with an AI “personality.” The new male sex robots are a follow-up to the