Stacey EastEnders: Lacey Turner lips spark fan concern

EastEnders: Stacey Fowler sparked concern as soap fans thought there was something different about Lacey Turner's character [BBC] EastEnders fans were concerned for Stacey Fowler, after noticing something different about the BBC soap character. Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey, recently returned to Walford after taking a break – possibly for

Chloe Khan reveals she has ‘no bones’ in her nose

Chloe Khan previously revealed her latest nose job has left her unable to breathe on 'This Morning'. [WENN] Glamour model Chloe Khan has shared her horrifying experience with a "conman" plastic surgeon, who left her with "no bones" in her nose. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant shocked fans when she uploaded a

Katie Price slams surgeon who ’f*****d up her face’

KATIE Price has slammed the surgeon who "f***** up" her face. The outspoken former glamour model has never been one to mince her words, and taking to her Instagram account today, she made it perfectly clear she was far from happy with her latest cosmetic surgery. While not naming the

Eagles fan freaks after surgery: “Did I miss the Super Bowl?’

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. — When a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan woke up groggy from recent dental surgery, she had one big fear: “Did I miss the Super Bowl?!?” Haley Parks’ father posted a video on Facebook this week showing her coming out of anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed. When

Kids receive new ears 3D-printed using their own cells

Scientists have successfully transplanted lab-grown ears onto five children with a serious condition that affects ear development. The children — who all suffer from microtia, which deforms the ear — now have new ears that were 3D printed using their own body cells. “Microtia is a congenital external ear malformation

Boy born with rare ‘Butterfly disease’ that leaves him with no skin refuses surgery because he’s scared of dying on the operating table

A TEENAGER suffering with a life-threatening condition known as "butterfly disease" is refusing radical treatment - because he's afraid he'll die on the operating table. Jonathan Gionfriddo, from Stafford Springs, Massachusetts, endures crippling pain due to epidermolysis bullosa (EB), which causes his skin to fall apart from within. Doctors are urging

TOWIE’s Chloe Sims looks half her age without make-up

Chloe Sims shocked fans with her make-up free selfie [WENN] The Only Way Is Essex star is famed for her glossy pout and lashings of bronzer, but glamorous Chloe Sims treated fans to a glimpse of her natural beauty in her most recent post on Instagram. The 36 year old reality TV

Watch the moment Human Ken Doll has FOUR ribs removed

Rodrigo Alves has had four ribs removed [Wenn] Rodrigo Alves has had four of his ribs removed so he can achieve a slimmer waist.  It’s the 60th surgery the 34 year old has undergone, after shelling out almost £500,000 to transform his looks.  In a shocking video, surgeon Dr Michael K.