Predicting NHL awards, with a few New York headliners

The halfway mark is as good a time as any to assess what has taken place in this 2017-18 NHL season, and to start giving out our awards (that mean nothing right now). There have been surprises and disappointments alike, and, as Rangers coach Alain Vigneault says any

NHL enables repeat offenders with senseless discipline system

DETROIT — There is an understandable amount of gray area in every rule book. But what is absolutely confounding about the NHL’s discipline policy is that there is no standardization for supplemental punishment. So the definition of a slash can be left up to the interpretation of the officials.

Erik Karlsson represents a perfect Islanders opportunity

When Pierre Dorion walked into the press conference room in Ottawa on Wednesday evening before his team’s game against the Rangers, he said he had just got off the phone with another general manager and could have made a deal “three minutes ago.” Maybe it was hyperbole, but

Seattle team puts NHL in danger of falling into sports’ greed trap

The reason there is hesitation when hearing the NHL has agreed to allow Seattle to fill out an application for expansion is that unmitigated greed can undo something great. And greed is the first sentiment that comes to mind when commissioner Gary Bettman said Thursday that the Board

Carey Price mystery exposes NHL’s injury problem

Normally this conversation waits until the playoffs. But the always-interesting Canadiens decided to bring it to the forefront early. In a bit of postseason-like subterfuge, the Habs are refusing to disclose the nature of goalie Carey Price’s injury that has kept him out since Nov. 2. He said he

A solution to the NHL’s advanced stats problem

During a recent casual conversation with someone who has been intimately involved in the NHL for decades, he jokingly said this: “You ever think that all of these off-ice officials are actually the same people in every arena?” It was a funny take on this gaggle of people in each city

Why NHL’s communism works, just look at the alternative

Gary Bettman longs for parity and Adam Silver strives for excellence. This is the fundamental difference between the NHL and NBA and their respective commissioners, and that difference is never more clear than right now in the aftermath of each final and on the eve of free agency. But for all