Coronation Street spoilers: Pat Phelan's gunshots sound as Michelle Connor and Robert Preston's wedding kicks off in the Bistro

Gunshots are heard ringing out across the cobbles as Pat made his return to the street seeking revenge against his wife Eileen.

In the nearby Bistro, Michelle and Robert are preparing to swap vows when guests hear the sound of a gun going off just yards away.

However, the residents of Coronation Street – which has seen an alarming high mortality rate considering all the deaths and murders that have occurred there over the years – don’t seem too alarmed.

Mary sounds anxious as the noise attracts her attention.

“It sounded like a gunshot,” the mild mannered character fretted – but her concerns were quickly barked down by the other residents.

“There were some workmen at the Brewery earlier. Perhaps it came from there?” Roy offers – and the collection of residents quickly shake the incident from their minds.

Murder is quickly joked about, however, as Michelle’s son Ryan jokes that Steve and Robert will both be killed by Michelle if the wedding is cancelled.

Robert had earlier confronted Michelle over concerns of the nature of her relationship with Steve.

But the wedding goes ahead as scheduled – despite the drama and the nearby gun going off.

On Thursday night’s show, Pat was seen demanding to be introduced to his grandson for the first time.

Armed with a gun, the unhinged character demanded that his daughter, Nicola, let him see his grandchild.

As tensions mounted, Seb lunged for the gun and a struggle ensued involving Pat, Seb, Nicola and Eileen.

Eileen was knocked unconscious as Pat threw his assailants off him – and a gunshot was heard being discharged soon after.

Pat’s return to the Cobbles has been depicted in special episodes aired over the week at the post-watershed time of 9pm.

The climax of his return is rumoured to result in the death of a character – with Pat, Seb, Eileen and Nicola’s lives all at stake.

Fans will find out exactly who suffers at the hands of Pat for the final time on Friday night.

Connor Mcintyre, who plays Pat, has promised fans they will see his villainous character get what's been coming to him.

"Phelan deserves his comeuppance and we've asked the audience to come along on the ride. They deserve the pay-off – and I think it's a decent pay-off," he promised to DigitalSpy last month.

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