Deadpool 2 fan sparks terror alert with police after dressing in full costume for cinema screening

Two Deadpool fans were arrested at gun point in Switzerland earlier this week after dressing up in a complete Deadpool costume to attend a screening of new film Deadpool 2.

According to the Tio news site, the two people who were arrested, Alessandro Botto and his friend Christian, were planning to attend a screening of Deadpool 2 in full Deadpool costume, but Alessandro explained that while he was wearing his costume underneath his clothes to change into at the cinema, his friend Christian was already dressed up.

“The problem is that my friend was already completely masked,” Alessandro explained. “Hiding the face, by law, is prohibited. I had thought well to disguise myself at the cinema. My friend, on the other hand, was already wearing a mask. None of us feared it could be a problem.”

Alessandro continued to say that after about an hour at the police station, the misunderstanding became known and they were released without charge, although Christian reportedly had to pay a fine under a Swiss law prohibiting face coverings in public.

“I must say that after the initial tension, even the police understood very well what we were doing,” Alessandro said. “The agents had a good laugh. However, my friend will still have to pay a fine. The law provides for it.”

Fortunately, the friends did manage to make it to a screening of the film after all, where their costumes went down a treat with the audience members.

“People were amused. And we sat in the audience, dressed as Deadpool, watching the movie. Despite everything, it was a great evening,” Botta added.

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Lugano police later explained that they were responding to reports of a person suspected to be in possession of two guns walking the streets, which turned out to be part of Christian’s costume.

“The intervention was carried out on the basis of police doctrine and tactics, which in these cases requires agents to intervene in an extremely rapid manner and to prevent the threat, even if presumed, without hesitation,” a police spokesperson told Tio.

Deadpool 2 is out now in the UK and May 18 in the US. Book tickets here.

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