EastEnders fans are confused by Kush Kazemi's new job at E20

Tonight’s (May 7) episode of EastEnders saw Mel Owen admit her feelings for Jack Branning only to be turned down, Martin Fowler turn down Stacey Slater because all he can see when he looks at her is Max, and Halfway made a scotch egg from scratch.

But what viewers were most interested in was Mel’s hiring policy. Kush went to E20 and begged for a job because he desperately needs money. Mel asked him which outfit she should wear tonight and because she was satisfied with his answer, she hired him on the spot and put him to work that night.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed that the recruitment process seemed to be missing a few steps…

In fact, Mel should probably take a long hard look at how she’s running E20 in general and sort the whole thing out instead of spending her time trading catty remarks with Sharon (although that is our favourite part of the show at the moment).

First we had Billy attempt to make a cocktail, which ended up with him throwing it all over Mel’s dress, then later on we saw him sweeping up some glass… except he didn’t have a dustpan to sweep it into.

Come on Melanie, running the smallest club in all of London if not the UK (seriously, it’s tiny in there) can’t be this difficult to keep on top of. Bet she doesn’t even keep the bubbly in the fridge.

EastEnders continues tomorrow (May 8) at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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