EastEnders fans rocked by Fi Browning secret

EastEnders: Fi Browning, real name Sophie, is Josh Hemmings’ brother [BBC]

EastEnders viewers have been trying to work out who Fi Browning is ever since her Walford debut earlier this year.

Lisa Faulkner’s character has been helping with the Carters, while it was later revealed she was Max Branning’s secret lover.

In a recent episode she was heard speaking to her dad on the phone, despite claiming he was dead.

Then it was revealed she was linked to Josh, Lauren Branning’s boss, with fans speculating they were together or related.

EastEnders: Who is Fi Browning’s dad? Despite telling Mick Carter that she her dad was dead, she called him [BBC]
EastEnders: Fi Browning, real name Sophie, is Josh Hemmings’ brother – and he revealed the truth [BBC]

During Thursday night’s episode, it was finally revealed that Fi Browning wasn’t really called Fi.

Fi bumped into Josh who had no idea she was in Walford, with Josh visiting Lauren ahead of Steven’s funeral.

Josh called her Sophie, with Fi being short for the name, before revealing who she was.

Fi discussed plans with him, before he confessed he was attending the funeral – and want support from his big sister!

EastEnders: Josh Hemming confirmed Fi Browning was his sister [BBC]

So Fi and Josh are related – but what are they up to?

Josh seemed unsure about plans that were going ahead, with Fi reassuring him.

She told him their dad was excited about whatever was going down, and they had to continue with what was decided.

So who is their dad – is it the Chairman, or could it be the newcomer who is linked to Phil Mitchell?

EastEnders: It’s not known if Max Branning knows Fi Browning is related to Josh Hemmings [BBC]

Viewers will no doubt have a lot of questions, with it not known if Max knows that Josh and Fi are related.

The big plan could be under threat now that Jane Beale knows Max is seeking revenge against the Square – but with Jane in a coma, how long will secrets stay hidden?

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