EastEnders: Linda Carter leaves Mick after Fi Browning news

EastEnders: Linda Carter left after Fi Browning told her about her moment with husband Mick Carter – has she gone for good? [BBC]

Linda Carter and husband Mick Carter left fans believing they were splitting, after Mick suggested the move on a recent episode of EastEnders.

Kellie Bright’s character Linda returned to Walford to learn Mick, played by Danny Dyer, had feelings for another woman.

Mick kissed Whitney Dean, his former daughter-in-law, with him initially only telling Linda it happened once – but it happened more than once.

Linda finally forgave Mick after days of planning to leave him, and now it looks like she could have done.

EastEnders: Fi Browning told Linda Carter about her moment with husband Mick Carter [BBC]
EastEnders: Mick Carter told Linda Carter about Fi Browning making a pass at him [BBC]

Ahead of the chaos following the gas explosion and the upcoming shooting, Linda made another discovery.

Linda learned that Fi Browning had made a pass at Mick, with Mick dropping himself in it.

She was left furious, before heading off upstairs amid the Walford in Bloom event and packing a suitcase.

The camera panned back to the character later on as she spoke to Jack Branning, planning to pick up her son Ollie.

EastEnders: Linda Carter left after Fi Browning told her about her moment with husband Mick Carter [BBC]

Linda then snuck out of the Square with her suitcase in tow, moments before the gas explosion took hold.

Amid a horror ambulance stunt involving Linda and her other son Jonny Carter – but will she leave Mick for good, and where is she going?

Viewers raced to Twitter questioning Linda’s latest move, believing this could be the end for the Carter family.

One viewer asked: “Poor Linda. But where is she off to,” while another questioned: “So is Linda leaving Mick?”

EastEnders: Linda Carter attacked Whitney Dean after Mick Carter confessed he was “in love” with someone else [BBC]

A third tweeted: “Don’t leave Linda,” as another urged: “Linda stay and fight for your man.”

EastEnders’ big week continues on BBC One on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm, concluding on Friday at 8pm.

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