Forget About Your New Year's Resolutions Because Netflix U.K. Is Adding 'Friends' in 2018

U.S. Netflix subscribers have been enjoying Friends since 2015, and now it seems the U.K. and Ireland will finally be joining the party. In other words, forget about those New Year’s resolutions, because there’s binging to be done.

On Saturday, Dec. 30, Netflix U.K. and Ireland shared a cryptic message that had our pals across the pond freaking out:

“The One with the Show Everyone’s Been Asking Us to Add,” the streaming site wrote with a sly gleam in its eye. As fans of the show will recall, a number of Friends episodes are entitled “The One With…” or “The One Where…”

Chances are solid the show will be available to stream for U.K. subscribers in 2018, and the response was swift.

Of course, there were some subscribers who had a more pressing concern: What about The Office?

The hit comedy, starring Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson, was removed from Netflix U.K. and Ireland in 2015.

Sigh. The struggle of wanting it all.


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