Hollyoaks: Viewers spot something bizarre about Grace Black

Hollyoaks: Grace Black has a plan for Warren Fox [E4]

Growing jealous of Sienna Blake and Warren Fox’s relationship and upcoming wedding, Grace Black recently stepped up her plan to “get her man back”, encouraged by her mum Tracey Donovan.

As Tamara Wall’s character was alone in the club with hunky Warren, played by Jamie Lomas, she stepped up her attempts to seduce him and tempt him back into an affair.

Wearing a sexy dress, Grace moved closer to Warren but Hollyoaks viewers noticed something unusual when the bombshell turned around.

Taking to social media, one asked: “Is that a barcode tattoo on Grace’s back? #hollyoaks.”

Hollyoaks: Viewers noticed something odd about Grace Black [E4]
Hollyoaks: Grace Black showed Warren Fox her findings [E4]

While another laughed: “Why has grace black got a barcode tattooed on her? #hollyoaks.”

“Does Grace have a barcode tattoo on her back or is it just my eyes? #Hollyoaks,” mused somebody else.

During Monday night’s episode, Tracey – played by Lisa Maxwell – found her daughter crying with anger over Sienna’s upcoming marriage and became determined to set things straight.

And during Tuesday’s first look episode on E4, Grace seemed set to lock lips with her former beau but the pair pulled away.

Hollyoaks: Kim Butterfield and Sienna Blake have been caught out by Grace Blake [E4]

However, Mandy Richardson – played by Sarah Jayne Dunn – was watching on from the doorway and later confronted Warren about whether they were reigniting their affair.

Will Grace manage to come between Warren and Sienna for good?

On top of this, Grace is growing suspicious of Kim Butterfield and Sienna as she snapped them sitting cosily in the village.

As viewers know, Kim is the only one who knows about Sienna’s cancer and the mum-to-be has made Kim promise to keep her secret.

Hollyoaks: Will Warren Fox learn Sienna Blake’s secret? [E4]

But Grace told Warren how she asked about Sienna’s dress fitting and was told it was cancelled – only for Kim to gush abut how stunning Sienna looked.

Is Grace about to rumble the biggest secret of them all before Sienna walks down the aisle?

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look episodes straight after on E4.

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