Keith Lemon: Coming in America didn't do it for everyone

Keith Lemon: Coming in America made its debut tonight and viewers were a bit uncertain about what to make of it.

The show is a mish-mash of both a reality show that follows Keith as he tries to crack America and a sketch show that sees Keith take on various characters.

This opening episode featured Keith meeting all sorts of celebs, like Gene Simmons, Ashley Roberts and Claudia Wells.

He got himself an agent and showed off his showreel to a bunch of unimpressed TV execs, with one saying “Just another UK guy coming out here trying to be funny – he’s got ginger hair….ain’t gonna happen! What’s he wearing? Pyjamas?”

Keith also paid a visit to a top plastic surgeon to get some opinions on how he can change his body, although he soon changed his mind when he saw the price tag.

He then held a rather disastrous party to welcome himself to the States – but of course he wasn’t ever going to get a great attendance when he was going head to head with a bash held by James Corden.

Plenty of viewers were cracking up over Keith’s outrageous antics on the show:

Although there were others who were left cringing – we were right when we compared it to Borat or Bruno:

Keith recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to make it clear that he’s not as dumb as he might come across, saying: “In real life, I’m highly intelligent, not a dingbat. They say I have to have an online presence.”

Keith Lemon: Coming in America continues next Thursday (July 12) at 10pm on ITV2.

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