Love Island fans convinced Australian stars could be parachuted into our villa after Iain Stirling hangs out with the voice of the Aussie show

Iain Stirling and his Aussie counterpart Eoghan McDermott today spent the day on a boat in Majorca drinking beer.

It sparked rumours that the stars of both of their shows could be about to come head to head.

One fan said: "Does this mean there is going to be a crossover on the show?! @loveisland @loveislandreactions."

Another added: “Can’t believe Love Island Australia is filmed in Majorca too!

“I wonder if the British and Aussie villas will meet at any point? #LoveIslandAU.”

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Iain and Eoghan kept schtum about any plans for a series mash-up.

Instead they gushed about one another on social media after being united to bond on a day out.

Posting a picture of the pair looking windswept on a speed boat, Iain said: "Dad Bod O’clock. The voices of #loveisland Oz and UK being total lads on a boat."

While Eoghan added: "Voices of @loveisland & @loveislandau unite!

"The Splinter to my Leonardo! The sexiest voice in the land.

"Boats & beers with @iaindoesjokes in Mallorca today.

"Serenade me to sleep with your gravelly growl.

"Technically we rescued another boat today so we have the freedom of the city & you're all invited.

"Jokes aside, this guy turned what was supposed to be a straight boring 'John is talking to Jane' type voice over into the beating heart of the show & given us licence to take the absolute mick in Oz.

"Mega respect. Big up @matt.lovkis for shooting our sexy calendar."

The final of the first series of Love Island Australia will be aired tomorrow, July 5.

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