Mary Berry's baking innuendo is back, and it's just glorious

Thus far in her new primetime cookery series, Mary Berry flirted cheekily with a Swedish chef and then nearly caused an international incident coming face-to-face with a chicken named Donald Trump.

Quite frankly, Mez’s conduct outside of the kitchen seems to be getting much more attention than the mouth-watering dishes she’s been preparing in each episode. Remember when a Spag Bol recipe was enough to cause huge debate?

We were hoping that Mary’s food might be the centrepiece during Monday’s instalment of Classic Mary Berry, where she explored the wonders of countryside cooking.

In the half-hour show, Mary shared her recipe for French herb sauce (which is totally a thing that exists)… and left the kitchen behind to fire up the engines on one of Watercress Line’s 19th-century steam trains. As it turns out, an ancient train is the perfect setting for lots of baking innuendo.

The cheekiness kicked off with the train conductor assuring Mary that there were no “soggy bottoms” among them, and carried on in the kitchen with Mary describing her choice of dessert as a “tempting autumnal Tarte that’s a fruity little crowd pleaser”. Some viewers identified:

She was also quite saucy with her mixer:

For the record, Mary described that “fruity little crowd pleaser” as a “sheer heaven” when she tasted it, and we’ll go no further than that! On the other hand, a few viewers thought they’d spotted a soggy bottom on the tart heaven forbid!

Classic Mary Berry continues next Monday (March 19) when Mez visits the Festival of Flowers and shares some of her handy secrets for throwing the perfect dinner party. She’ll probably give us more innuendo too.

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