Mayans M.C. Búho/Muwan preview: The Galindo cartel makes a move on the Los Olvidados

Mayans M.C. returns tonight at 10 pm on FX with episode 3 titled “Búho/Muwan” and the preview combined with the events from last week’s episode leaves much to be hopeful for.

Directed by Guy Ferland, the synopsis reads: “The M.C. alliances are tested; the Galindo family adopts unconventional methods.”

Here is a breakdown of the Búho/Muwan preview and what we think will happen in tonight’s episode.

EZ  Reyes struggles with his remaining feelings for Emily

The Búho/Muwan promo begins with Angel and EZ are in the underground tunnels. Angel expresses to EZ  that he understands the situation is hard for him.

Angel could be referring to Cristobal’s abduction and how it’s bothering EZ. However, they still have a relationship with the rebels to maintain and can’t allow EZ’s past relationship with Emily to get in the way of their mission.

We hope to see how this situation affects EZ and his actions as this is shaping up to cause additional conflict for EZ as a character. If it wasn’t enough that EZ is an informant and knows that his brother is working behind the club members back with the rebels, now he is dealing with obvious feelings that still remain for Emily.

Will Angel be dismissive of EZ’s conflict or if he will attempt to level with Adelita on EZ’s behalf? Either way, we have the feeling this will develop the relationship between the two brothers, whether it has a positive or negative outcome.

Emily must decide how to handle Miguel

The next shot shows Emily and her mother-in-law Dita Galindo walking through a market as Emily says “he lied to me”, referring to Miguel.

Now that Emily knows retaliation has happened, we can expect Emily to be less trustworthy of her husband and this information will cause conflict between them.

We may also find that Dita is more on her son’s side then Emily’s. With Emily seemingly having no family of her own, she may make the mistake of trusting Dita too much and she will run to Miguel and or Devante with anything Emily confides in her about.

Should Emily find that she cannot even trust Dita, this may push her closer to EZ, further complicating her relationship with the cartel.

Miguel’s pew gets another guest

There is a quick shot of someone sitting on Miguel’s pew as he holds their hand and a knife. By the look of the hands and arms this, this person is rather young.

Regardless of who it is and based on what we know of Miguel so far, this person will probably find themselves in an inescapable situation as Miguel ups his brutality.

With many things Emily still doesn’t know about her husband, will she discover the pew and what Miguel does behind closed doors?

The Santo Padre charter meets with the Chinese

The promo cuts to president Bishop speaking with somebody about the cost of doing business with the cartel.

At this time, we theorize Bishop is meeting with the Chinese. In episode 1 “Perro/Oc”, Miguel mentioned the Chinese being out of product after the hijacking. We can assume from that dialogue, that one of the cartel’s business associates is a Chinese faction.

With Miguel Galindo’s business taking a huge hit, he may send Bishop and the M.C. to makes amends and explain the hijacking.

Or perhaps, with Miguel’s focus on retrieving his son, Bishop could be making a play of his own- by going to the Chinese behind Galindo’s back.

The Convoy

There is a shot of two Hummers following a black truck driving fast through the desert, a scene that was featured in the Mayans M.C. preview, which shows us these vehicles belong to the Galindo cartel.

Looking at the landscape in the distance, it closely resembles the area where Adelita’s rebel camp is based. It appears the cartel might have closed in on the rebel base and are on their way to apprehend Adelita.

However, after what happened in episode 2 with the taco truck vendor and his son, Adelita may have made the decision to move the camp.

Now, as far as how the cartel discovered the camp location, we think that has a lot to do with the young person on Miguel’s pew.

Felipe Reyes threatens Kevin Jimenez

Tensions are rising between Felipe and the DEA agent, Kevin Jimenez. Felipe pulls a sawed-off shotgun from a lockbox and holds it up to Kevin saying “my son has kept his end of the bargain”.

We are wondering if this threat will have any effect on EZ’s deal or if Kevin will just let this slide. Thanks to Felipe keeping Kevin in check, it doesn’t appear Felipe will let Kevin get away with crossing his son EZ.

The promo ends with a voice, who we suspect is Kevin telling Felipe, “this isn’t just about your son”.

It seems EZ and Felipe will find that escaping the deal with Kevin will involve more than just providing intel on the cartel.

Emily and Miguel learn the fate of their son

There is a quick shot of Emily throwing something in anger and Miguel is lying in bed unable to fall asleep. It is safe to say one of the biggest reveals in episode 3 will be Cristobal’s fate. We will see exactly how Adelita handles Miguel’s retaliation and learn more about what kind of leader she is.

Adelita is in the middle of leading a rebellion and the loyal followers have expectations of her.  What she does with Miguel’s son will be a crucial part of the episode. Judging by what we saw in the preview, we are betting that Cristobal does not come home in this episode.

Additional things that may occur in Mayans M.C. episode 3

Creeper returns to the club

Episode 1  Perro/Oc, Creeper was left at the doctor in Mexico to recover from his injuries and we are hoping that he returns in episode 3.

We understand that Creeper needed to take time to recover, but having the club split up and Creeper missing for an entire episode without being mentioned was a bummer.

If he does return to the Santo Padre, he can surely expect a warm welcome from his club members and we can expect some interesting interactions with Creeper present.

More Chucky

With Chucky’s appearance in the last episode, we want to see him at least once in episode 3. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Chucky will have more appearances in season 1 of Mayans MC.

We do not expect how Chucky ended up working for the Mayans MC to be explained if he does show up in episode 3, however. At some point, it might be briefly mentioned through a quick line of dialogue.

Regardless, fans are at least glad to see that he’s going to have some kind of role for the Santo Padre Charter and not a cheap one-off appearance.

Coco’s story develops

Coco had some interesting character development in the last episode, so we can definitely expect to see this built upon.

Will Coco keep the situation to himself or will he internally combust to the point where he needs to confide in another club member?

We would like to see how the club members help each other with situations like this and it will provide dual character development between Coco and the club member he confides in.

With Coco’s mother introduced, that should tell us a lot about Coco’s upbringing as we find out how his mother reacts to the situation- which we predict will be with shrugged shoulders and that could bother Coco even more.

Adelita finds a buyer for the heroin

Kurt Sutter and Elgin James are doing a great job at establishing events in one episode and then continuing them in the next episode.

In Escorpión/Dzec, Adelita told Angel that she needs to secure a buyer for the heroin. With this event occurring previously, we can expect to see it built upon in episode 3. If Adelita finds a buyer, this could raise a red flag that leads Bishop and the cartel closer to discovering her identity.

Will Angel continue to give Adelita a heads up on the clubs and the cartel’s investigation into the rebels? We suspect that Adelita and Angel’s alliance will be tested in tonight’s episode.

The owl

The animal appearance in Búho/Muwan will be none other than the owl. Búho is the Spanish word for owl. Muwan is the Yucatec Maya translation for one of the months in the Haab ( Ab’ in K’iche Maya) calendar meaning “moan bird”, a relative of the owl.

Episode 2 had at least three appearances of a scorpion and one of them was in the form of the name on the taco vendor’s truck. Not only can we expect the physical owl appearance but also indirect references to the owl as well.

With owls being nocturnal creatures, we can expect these appearances to occur at night- further driving home the symbolism of darkness associated with the bird. Whenever the owl appears, it may be in moments when the cover of night is most appropriate.

Mayans M.C. airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX. 

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