Nipple tassels, a pom-pom bra and mermaid sequins at the bus stop… I dressed like a Love Islander for the day and you won’t believe the reaction

Sure, see-through lace trousers and gravity-defying plunge dresses look great beside the pool on a bunch of gym-obsessed 20-somethings, but can a normal woman really pull it off?

Amy Butterworth, 34, is a mum of one and social media consultant from St Albans. She loves the ITV2 reality show so much she even has her own Love Island-branded water bottle.

At 5’10” Amy is blessed with long legs and stays in shape with the occasional gym workout, but she normally dresses in classic items.

She wears a dress size 12 and, in principal, should be able to wear any of the shows' looks – including THAT tum-flashing cossie of Georgia's.

Here, Amy gives her verdict – and gets the reaction from the public – in five of the series' iconic looks.

Belly flop

  • ‘Sequin you Later’ bandeau swimsuit, £40 from Candypants – buy it now

Sassy Love Island bombshell Georgia Steel, 23, looked amazing when she wore a swimsuit with an enormous peephole cut out at the front. But what did our model make of it?

Amy said: “I am slim but we all have body parts we would rather cover up.

"Even going to the gym once in a while I still don’t like my tummy and this outfit leaves you totally exposed.

"If you have even an ounce of fat on you this swimsuit will show it all off and there is no place to hide, especially right after lunch. I’ve had a baby for goodness sake!”

Amy's verdict: 1/5


  • Finn Slip Dress in Unicorn Disc Sequin by Motel, £19 from Motel Rocks – buy now
  • Pink glitter clear heeled sandals, £20 from Missguided – buy now

Samira Mighty looked incredible in this Missguided sequin mini dress as she filmed her video diary on entering the villa.

But can a real woman really dress like a disco-mermaid all day?

You bet she can! Amy loved it  – and so did most passers-by.

Amy said: “I do follow fashion trends and like to see what people are wearing on TV, but I’m not a fussy dressy or someone who normally wears anything outrageous.

"I usually stick to classic looks, clean lines that suit me and won't go out of style too quickly.

“This mermaid-style dress is my new fave wardrobe item. Talk about fun fun fun! I want to shimmy around forever."

Jane, a 20-something student from South Korea loved the look. “I have never heard of Love Island,” she said, as she tapped the term into her phone to Google for later.

“But I really love this outfit. It is very cheerful and in my country we would wear this kind of thing to festivals and parties.”

Off on their way to yoga class, 50-something friends Jane and Amanda agreed as they spotted out model doing a spot of shopping.  “I love it and think she is young enough to pull it off,” said Jane, “She looks lovely!”

Meanwhile Ben the builder, 22,  gave Amy a “10 out of 10!”

Only South African fashion PR Jessica Goldberg, 33, from Cape Town thought it was “a bit too much.

“For a nightclub it’s fine but I wouldn’t dress like that,” she said, shaking her head.

Amy's verdict: 5/5

La vie en Rosie

  • Peace + love cream lace flare trousers, £50 from Missguided – buy now
  • Crystal Double Lattice Choker, £14.99 from New Look – buy now

When solicitor Rosie Williams waved a sassy goodbye to the villa, she did it in a pair of remarkable see through lace trousers and a diamante-encrusted choker. As you do.

We got our model to recreate that exact moment. Well, in a car park and, then, down the local. But still. Here’s what she made of Rosie’s outfit when we made her take it to the streets.

“I cannot believe I am saying this but this outfit is actually quite comfortable, a bit like stepping out in your pyjama bottoms. Or a pair of your grans’s lace curtains.

At first it looks quite demure but when you are out in bright sunlight it totally shows off you bum and your pants. It’s not something I am a massive fan of, it just looks a bit cheap. Sorry but I hate it.”

Amy certainly stole a few glances when she went to order a pint at The Dickens Inn in east London.

A few men almost tripped up on their way to the bar and we caught tourists and businessmen snapping our girl on their camera phones.

“Oh god, those better not end up on any questionable websites,” laughed Amy before rushing back to the studio to change.

Amy's verdict: 2/5

Shake your pom poms

  • Pink iridescent sequin mini skirt, £45 from Missguided – buy now
  • Pink glitter clear heeled sandals, £20 from Missguided – buy now
  • Crochet top, £22 from Missguided – buy now

Love Islander Samira Mighty looked like she had run off to join the circus when she enjoyed a cocktail in this crochet bralet teamed with a shimmering sequin mini dress.

Amy was worried she might be too old to wear the look but was surprised by how much confidence and sass this “fun” outfit gave her.

She said: “I have surprised myself here but I absolutely love this outfit!”

“This makes me feel young and fun and single. Okay, I wouldn't wear it down the shops normally like today, but I would absolutely wear it on holiday or to a festival.

"It’s doing that thing, again, of injecting fun into fashion. And with life being so tough some days, isn't that a great thing? More fun please!”

Amy's verdict: 4/5

Keep it in your drawers

  • Wanderer Kimono Ivory Lace Maxi, £38 from Silk Fred – buy now
  • Pink Lace Brazilian Briefs, £4.99 from New Look – buy now

When ex-stripper Megan Barton Hanson, 24, and 26-year-old Welsh solicitor Rosie Williams decided to do an impromptu lingerie shot in the villa, they sent male viewers blood pressure soaring.

But is it ever OK to strip off in your back garden and pose, even if it is to make an ex jealous? Our model certainly won’t be doing it any time soon.

“This is very much for the bedroom only, or possibly for a dodgy internet web cam,” laughed  Amy.

“The kimono itself is actually very pretty and could be classy teamed with skinny jeans for night time or a bikini beside the pool. But here I am, stood with nipple pasties covering up my modesty and a lace thong that grips my hips in all the wrong places and I can’t say I feel sexy.

"I am shocked that the girls wore this on national TV and didn't even use anything to cover their nipples or tit tape to keep it hazard-free.

"Talk about brassy. But I do love their confidence. I just wish they were doing this for themselves and not for boys.”

Amy's verdict: 2.5/5

Would she crack on with the Love Island look?

So what has dressing like a Love Islander taught us all here about flashing the flesh and sequins as daywear? Just got for it!

Amy said: “Love it or hate it, Love Island style forces you to throw your fears out the door and just go for it.

"Yeah, you will get some filthy looks. I most certainly did!

"But once you overcome the barrier of caring what others think of you, it is incredibly freeing and uplifting. Try it.

“If my daughter grows up feeling happy in her body and confident enough to express herself without caring about being judged then that’s a great thing.

"And if Love Island makes young women fell that way too, then what an amazing thing for a TV show to achieve.”

Who’d have thought it, Love Island is actually totes feminist yeah? You heard it here first.

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