Poldark's Jack Farthing: "There's contentment for George Warleggan… and then things start to go wrong"

George Warleggan’s visible contentment at the start of Poldark fourth series will most likely be brutally shattered as the show continues, according to actor Jack Farthing.

Jack stars as bad banker and Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner)’s long-term rival George in the BBC One period drama.

The new series will see George – more powerful than ever – climbing up the political ladder in London. And much like Demelza and Ross’s rocky relationship, his marriage with Elizabeth (Heida Reed) appears to be back on track too.

“We left him in a bad place, but I think we come to him post-recovery – he’s got back to his life and things with Elizabeth are great,” Jack told press including Digital Spy.

“He’s decided their relationship is going to be founded on trust and honesty. He’s not going to be jealous about other men.

“All of that terrible stuff he dealt with has gone. And it’s nice that they’re together, they’re a team.”

George and Elizabeth recently welcomed their first child together, Valentine, with Elizabeth swearing on the bible that George is the child’s father and not Ross.

“He believes her,” Farthing continued. “I think we see a slightly different paradigm between them. Elizabeth has more control because George is almost submissive.

“I mean, he’s desperate to be the perfect husband. They soar in the beginning…”

George’s political power and influence is also on the rise with his move to London, and those high-class circles hold obvious appeal to the social climber.

“Politics is where George was heading, and while it’s a new world for him – it’s London, politics – this whole new society appeals,” Jack continued.

“It’s a step above even the most wealthy people in Cornwall. He mixes with these circles and his influence grows and he sees his capabilities growing. He’s going up and up.

“He’s very good at his job. It’s just that he has a set beliefs that most of us don’t necessarily subscribe to. He’s really capable and just climbs and climbs.”

However, pride usually comes before a fall, and it sounds like there could be a mighty one in store for George.

“I think definitely he could be happy, and he is in the beginning of series four,” Jack said. “I think there is a contentment with what he’s got… And then things start to go wrong.”

Meanwhile the Ross/George rivalry is set to continue, and Jack said that their spats are going to have a different “tempo” because they’re “both moving up”.

“Their clashes have a different tempo and flavour because they’re both moving up in the world… It’s a different flavour to their rivalry,” he explained.

“The more… elite the circles they mix in, the more they have to hide it. It just adds different dynamics.”

Poldark series 4 comes to BBC One in June.

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