Susanna Reid jokes that Piers Morgan had managed to offend the whole of Scotland, builders, traffic control and Love Island's Niall Aslam in first hour of Good Morning Britain

The TV host, 53, was jokingly told by his co-presenter, 47, that there were few people left in the UK who weren't targeted by his sporadic rants between 6am and 7am earlier today.

Referring to comments Piers had made at various points throughout the first hour of the show, Susanna jokingly listed on her hand all the people who may now be less than chuffed with the TV star.

She said: "So that's the Scots, people on the Wirral, anyone working in health and safety on a building site, anyone working in traffic management."

Then touching a microphone on her ear, she added: "Oh and the gallery just said 'anyone in the gallery' you've hacked off this morning."

Piers then burst out laughing, before changing the subject to Love Island star Niall Aslam's sudden departure from villa.

Discussing the latest entertainment news, Richard Arnold told him: "Niall has left for personal reasons, and we can't elaborate why."

Mocking the contestant's accent, Piers interjected: "I don't know what it is like, like, like, like."

Susanna joked: "And now it's people from Coventry that you're winding up."

Despite seeming to single-handedly target almost every person in the UK, many viewers found his controversial comments hilarious.

Taking to Twitter, One wrote: "@piersmorgan really does cheer me up in the morning. Russling peoples feathers is the greatest form of entertainment. #GMB

Another commented: "Without @piersmorgan #GMB Would be boring"

It comes after Good Morning Britain fans were left in stitches when Susanna was forced to apologise after a Tory politician said "b*****d" live on air.

The TV host made a panicked statement on the show yesterday after David Hannan swore during a discussion on Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un's peace deal.

Speaking from Strasbourg, the MEP was giving his opinion on the importance of the agreement the world leaders had signed when he made the naughty slip-up.

He said: "It's a very, very common thing in politics where even when you do something that people agree with they say 'we didn't want this from you, you 'b*****d'. I'm afraid that's human nature."

Cutting back to the studio, Susanna could be seen with an expression of pure panic on her face.

She quickly said: "Language we're not actually allowed to broadcast at this time in the morning. Apologies for the use of that word while children are eating their cornflakes and they will ask their parents what that means."

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