Towie’s Amber Turner leaves fans in hysterics as she can’t stop looking at herself in the mirror during huge fight with Clelia Theodorou

After hearing that Clelia had mocked the idea of anyone taking love advice from her, Amber confronted her in the toilets for an epic showdown.

Starting with some bitchy looks that were exchanged at Thorpe Park, Clelia told Amber that the pair obviously had “resting bitch face”.

Responding Amber said: “Maybe, resting bitch face, we’ve all got in haven’t we?

“However, I have heard that you’ve gone, ‘we don’t need to be taking relationship advice from Amber Turner,’ now woman to woman, that’s disrespectful and disgusting, as much as our situation with Dan ain’t great, I think that’s a bit low.”

Trying to reason with her Clelia told Amber she needed more self-respect, but Amber continued to accuse her of being “embarrassing” and “sticking her nose in”.

But as Amber infuriated new girl Clelia with her swipes and insults about moving from Devon she couldn’t resist looking in the mirror multiple times.

On some occasions she’d look to her left and touch up her hair, while at others she’d just glance over her shoulder to fleetingly admire her face.

And despite the truly epic showdown, fans were more distracted by the mirror gazing.

One wrote: “@AmberTurner_x is tooo much I LOVE her😭checking herself in mirror halfway through an argument purely shows how irrelevant this gal like Clelia is #TOWIE”

Another was less than impressed tweeting: “I don't even know what this blonde girl from #towie name is but how many times do you have to look in the mirror during an argument? Literally just stroking her ego while getting into it. You ain't the s**t when you let yourself get treated like a mug on national television”

A third observed: “Did anyone else notice Amber kept checking herself out in the mirror while arguing 😂😂😂 #TOWIE”

A fourth wrote: “Love how Amber keeps staring at herself in the mirror mid-argument 😂🤦🏻♀ #TOWIE”

And someone else ranted: “Amber is NOT a girls girl, Who in their right mind WOULD take relationship advice from Amber anyway? And what's with her constantly looking at her own reflection during an argument .. sooo self absorbed #Towie”

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