X Factor 2017 Judges’ Houses: Everything you need to know

The X Factor 2017 has only just returned to TV screens, but already it has left the nation gripped as judges Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh search for the next singing sensation.

Just last week, the judging panel had to whittle down their categories to just six artists in the brutal Six Chair Challenge.

But with the Judges’ Houses due to take place this Saturday night, what time is it on, who are the singers and which celebrities will be guest judging?

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the episode:

The X Factor 2017: Nicole Scherzinger, Simon Cowell, Dermot O’Leary, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh[Syco/Thames/ITV]

The X Factor will be on Saturday 8:20pm until 10:20pm.

While it will also be shown on Sunday at an earlier time of 7pm until 9pm.

Judge: Sharon Osbourne

The X Factor 2017: Sharon Osbourne’s girls category [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Rai-Elle Williams [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Holly Tandy

The X Factor 2017: Holly Tandy [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Deanna Mussington [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Grace Davies

The X Factor 2017: Grace Davies [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Georgina Panton

The X Factor 2017: Georgina Panton [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Alisah Bonaobra

The X Factor 2017: Alisah Bonaobra [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Judge: Louis Walsh

The X Factor 2017: Louis Walsh’s the boys category  [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Lloyd Macey

The X Factor 2017: Lloyd Macey [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Aidan Martin

The X Factor 2017: Aidan Martin [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Spencer Sutherland

The X Factor 2017: Spencer Sutherland [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Jack Mason

The X Factor: Jack Mason [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Leon Mallet

The X Factor 2017: Leon Mallet [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Sam Black

The X Factor 2017: Sam Black [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Judge: Simon Cowell

The X Factor 2017: Simon Cowell’s group category [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Jack & Joel

The X Factor 2017: Jack and Joel [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Rak-Su [Syco/Thames/ITV]

The Cutkelvins

The X Factor 2017: The Cutkelvins [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Sean and Conor Price

The X Factor 2017: Sean and Conor Price [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Lemonade  [Syco/Thames/ITV]

New Girl Band

The X Factor 2017: New Girl Band [ITV]

Judge: Nicole Scherzinger

The X Factor 2017: Nicole Scherzinger’s overs category  [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Talia Dean

The X Factor 2017: Talia Dean [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Slavko [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Kevin Davy White

The X Factor 2017: Kevin Davy White [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Berget Lewis

The X Factor 2017: Berget Lewis [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Matt Linnen

The X Factor 2017: Matt Linnen [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Tracy Leanne Jefford

The X Factor 2017: Tracy Leanne Jefford [Syco/Thames/ITV]
The X Factor 2017: Cheryl will be helping Simon Cowell at the Judges’ Houses  [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Stormzy will be helping Nicole Scherzinger at the Judges’ Houses  [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Jack and Kelly Osbourne

The X Factor 2017: Sharon Osbourne’s children Jack and Kelly will be helping her at the Judges’ Houses  [Syco/Thames/ITV]


The X Factor 2017: Mika will be helping Louis Walsh with the Judges’ Houses [Syco/Thames/ITV]
The X Factor 2017: Simon Cowell and the groups are in the French Riviera[Syco/Thames/ITV]

Nicole Scherzinger

Location: South Africa

The X Factor 2017: Nicole Scherzinger and the overs are in South Africa[Syco/Thames/ITV]

Louis Walsh

Location: Istanbul

The X Factor 2017: Louis Walsh and the boys are in Istanbul [Syco/Thames/ITV]

Sharon Osbourne

Location: San Francisco

The X Factor 2017: Sharon Osbourne and the girls are in San Francisco [Syco/Thames/ITV]

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