This £1.3million 18-acre farm could be yours for just £50 – but only if you can answer this simple question

HOUSE-HUNTERS will be thrilled to find this stunning £1.3million house on the market for just £50 – with a deceptively simple catch.

Businessman John Bennett has lived in the 18 acre farmhouse in North Yorkshire for the last 25 years, but is struggling to sell the expensive luxury pad.

 The stunning farmhouse could be yours for just £50
 With sea and country views, the 3 bedroom farmhouse is in an idyllic location

Desperate to find a buyer, John's come up with a novel solution: raffling the house off at £50 a ticket.

"It's nothing for the prize you can win" says John, 63.

"I've had a lot of interest in the property but it is expensive."

Now living in Majorca with wife Antoinette, John is keen to get the property off his hands, and aims to sell 28,000 tickets by the time the raffle closes in March.

 The lucky winner will be able to enjoy the 18 acres of land that come with the house
 Generous businessman John says the house will be life changing for the winner

He said: "I always said if it doesn't sell, I'm going to raffle it."

"The best thing about the house is the views – from the window you've got both country and sea views – and lots of peace and quiet.

"The most exciting thing is, this could change someone's life for just £50."

But the lucky winner will first have to answer this question:  which town on the North East coast has the last remaining pier in Yorkshire?

"There has to be an element of skill involved, so there's a question to answer," John said.

With the house near a traditional sea-side town, ticket-buyers don't have far to look for the answer to John's question.

The Victorian pier in question was opened to the public in 1869, and since then has been voted the National Pier Society's Pier of the Year award.

 This Victorian pier is the last remaining pier in the north-east of England - but where is it?
 The pier is a holiday hot spot in Yorkshire

Holiday-goers and residents alike flock to the popular holiday resort.

The winning ticket holder won't just come away with the three bed farmhouse though.

The property also boasts eight stables and a SIX car garage, a barn and a workshop.

With the winner decided by a random number generator, John's generous offer doesn't stop there.

A local Animal Rescue charity and Children with Cancer will both receive £5,000 from the raffles proceeds.

The new inhabitant of the house won't even have to cough up for solicitors fees, with John footing the bill for that too.

Just six weeks after the draw takes places, and the winner can move in to enjoy the perks of their new home.

Second and third place winners won't get a house, but they will receive 65in and 55in Samsung TV's.

You can enter the competition at .


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