80% of Labour activists demand second referendum on Brexit which could overturn vote to leave

LABOUR risks new splits on Brexit as new research today reveals four fifths of party members want a second EU referendum.

A major academic study also shows more than 85 per cent of Labour activists would like Britain to stay in the European single market and customs union.

The revelations could push Labour bosses to back a rerun of the Brexit vote and close ties to the EU, experts said.

Pollsters YouGov and researchers from Queen Mary University of London quizzed members of the four major parties on their attitude to key political issues.

They found vast majorities of Labour members support a much softer line on Brexit.

78 per cent said there should be a second referendum on the final trade deal with the EU, with 85 per cent wanting to stay in the customs union and 87 per cent backing the single market.

And 67 per cent want EU citizens to get more immigration rights to Britain than migrants from elsewhere.

Lib Dem and SNP members were even more pro-EU, with only Tory activists supporting the decision to quit the customs union and single market.

Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a second referendum which could overturn the decision to leave the EU.

And he has previously vowed to leave the single market and customs union, but has softened his line in recent months.

The study's authors suggested Labour might go even softer in response to their members' demands.

They wrote: "It will be interesting to see whether a leadership that is apparently so keen to take members’ views seriously will in the end move all the way, as opposed to just part of the way, towards them."

There was also bad news for the Tories as it emerged their members are older and less active than any other party.

The average Conservative member is 57 years old, compared to 53 for Labour.

Only 59 per cent say they believe party bosses encourage them to get involved in campaigning.

And fewer than half ended up spreading the Tory message on social media ahead of last year's election – much less than any other party.

Quizzed on specific policies, more than half of Tory activists said they'd like to see the return of hanging.

A total of 54 per cent agreed that "the death penalty for some crimes is the most appropriate sentence".

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