Boy, 8, ’tortured to death by mum and stepdad had BB pellets lodged in his groin, a cracked skull and horrific burns over his body’

THE horrific catalogue of injuries a young boy allegedly suffered at the hands of his abusive mum and her boyfriend were described in a heartbreaking court hearing.

The nurse who treated Gabriel Fernandez, eight, said the youngster had BB pellets lodged in his groin and lungs, two missing teeth, burns all over his body, broken ribs and a cracked skull.

 Gabriel Fernandez was tortured to death by his mum's boyfriend

He later died of his horrific injuries.

Alison Segal said: "There were abrasions. There were open wounds. There was bruising. There was swelling.

"There was marks on the legs. There was skin missing off the top of the neck, so there were multiple injuries on Gabriel…head to toe."

Pearl Fernandez, 31, and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre, 34, are currently on trial for the death of Gabriel in 2013 after a campaign of alleged abuse at their Los Angeles home.

Among the chilling allegations made are that the pair beat Gabriel, stubbed cigarettes out on his skin and shot him with BB guns.

 Nurse Alison Segal, who treated Gabriel Fernandez, eight, said the youngster had BB pellets lodged in his groin and lungs, two missing teeth, burns all over his body, broken ribs and a cracked skull
 A graphic showed in court demonstrated the extent of the youngster's injuries

His siblings claim the abuse came because the pair believed he was gay.

They deny the allegations, claiming the injuries were sustained following a fall in the shower.

The court previously heard how Gabriel was handcuffed and kept in a cabinet nicknamed "the box".

It is also alleged he was forced to sleep tied up with a sock shoved in his mouth and a bandanna over his face.

 Isauro Aguirre, pictured with Gabriel's mum Pearl, allegedly whipped and starved the boy because he thought he was gay

His brother Ezquiel, 16, and sister Virgina, 14, gave a heartbreaking account of the abuse he endured in 2013.

At one point, the judge was forced to call an early break because so many were wailing in the courtroom as the children recounted the horrific details.

Recalling one incident, Virginia who was reportedly 11 at the time told the court: "He [Aguirre] knocked the air out of him, and he fell over, and didn't get back up. So they picked him up.

"They threw him in the shower. And they kept yelling at him to wake up. When he didn't wake up, my mother decided to call the police.

"She told me to grab a rag and we cleaned most of the blood that was on the floor."

 The eight-year-old was handcuffed and kept in a cabinet nicknamed, 'The Box'

Ezequiel, who was 11 at the time, said Aguirre would punch and kick Gabriel, before picking him up by the neck until he passed out.

The distressed sibling said he also saw his naked brother beaten with a buckle and metal hanger.

Gabriel was just 4ft 1ins and weighed just four stone, while hulking 6ft 2ins security guard Aguirre tips the scales at 19 stone.

Isauro, 37, allegedly doused him in pepper spray and regularly gagged him if he complained.

Aguirre was even said to have forced the boy to dress up in girls' clothes before going to school and didn't like him because he thought he was gay.

 Some of the tools Aguirre allegedly used to torture Gabriel including BB guns

He has also been accused of beating the lad with a bat and shooting him with a BB gun along with Pearl.

Aguirre's defence attorney John Allan said his client had admitted murder but denies torturing the schoolboy, according to KTLA5.

Texts were also shown to the jury on Monday which the prosecution claimed show Aguirre and Fernandez had conspired to torture and murder Gabriel and then cover it up.

Aguirre told investigators that he hit the boy ten times in the head, 20 times in the body and “admitted that he lost count".

Fernandez will be tried separately, while four social workers are also being prosecuted because of his death.

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