British aristocrat ’outed Harvey Weinstein seven years ago in her memoir that left him accusing her of making him look like a pervert’

A BRITISH aristocrat exposed Harvey Weinstein in her memoir seven years ago – and the shamed movie producer blasted her for making him "look like a pervert".

Ivana Lowell, who worked with the mogul at Miramax Books, described how he chased her around a desk and showed up at her home unannounced in "Why Not Say What Happened?"

 Ivanna Lowell outed Harvey Weinstein in her memoir seven years ago

She took to Facebook to reveal Weinstein slammed her when the book was first published in 2010, saying: "When my book was first published, Harvey called me up, screaming, and said that I made him look like a pervert. I replied ‘Yes, so?’

"He threatened to sue me, and then both Harvey and [younger brother] Bob called me a liar.”

In the memoir, Lowell describes how Weinstein arrived at her apartment one night while she was hanging out with a friend.

He then apparently barged in and asked for a massage, according to Page Six.

 Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually abusing over 30 women
 Lowell said Weinstein blasted her making him look like a "pervert" in the book

Lowell wrote: “The scene was comical: Harvey lying spread-eagle, dwarfing the bed like Gulliver pinned down by midgets, and [a friend] and I laughing nervously, still edging as far away as possible.”

The mogul left disappointed, leaving the two women to speculate about whether he had bribed Lowell’s doorman in order to be sent up unannounced.

Lowell admitted on Wednesday: “I left out a lot of sordid details because I still considered Bob a friend and I didn’t realise the extent and consequences of Harvey’s sickening ways.

"This whole thing has left me reeling.”

 Lowell claimed Weinstein chased her around a desk

Sleazy Hollywood mogul Weinstein , 65, has been hit by a wave of sex allegations, which he denies.

"Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein," Weinstein's representative Sallie Hofmeister said yesterday.

Kate Beckinsale has revealed how Weinstein targeted her in London when she was just 17.

And fellow Brit Myleene Klass said she was offered a sex contract by the exec, but she told him to "f*** off".

 Angelina Jolie is one of the actresses who have come forward to claim Weinstein abused them
 Rose McGowan claims she was raped by Harvey Weinstein
 In an interview with BBC's Newsnight, Emma Thompson spoke out about the serious allegations surrounding Weinstein

The Sun also told how Prince Harry’s ex Cressida Bonas and model Laura Whitmore feared for their safety around Weinstein.

Model Cara Delevigne also told how he once tried to force her into a threesome.

Up to 30 women have so far come forward to accuse Weinstein of sex crimes – including three rape allegations.

The FBI and police in New York and London have all opened investigations into Weinstein, with one cop calling him a “super-predator”.

Weinstein, whose wife Georgina Chapman has left him, has now flown to Europe to attend rehab for a sex addiction.

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